Banbury Cross Country Results

Nice and fresh at Banbury, and the ERR men managed to maintain their lead in Division 3 with 2nd place this time round. Welcome back to Jane after her injury - you must have missed conditions like that.

The ERR women were 7th in Division 2, leaving them 8th overall.

There were 133 competitors in the women's race and 217 in the men's.

Forename Surname Time Position
Katherine Bates 32.01 35
Jackie Pinnock 32.20 37
Denise Bridges 33.56 58
Kate Williamson 34.59 70
Sheila Gascoigne 40.01 107
Joan Ryan 44.13 124
Jane Larbalestier 44.18 125
Elaine Butler 46.06 127
Robert Storey 35.10 46
Dave Ferrier 37.03 71
Mark Tyrrell 39.05 102
Graham Bridges 39.29 110
Mark Creasey 39.52 117
Ben Breaker 40.01 119
Tony Whitlock 42.23 150
Alistair Graham 42.47 161
Adrian Pinnock 46.29 186
Martin Johnson 47.41 194
Keith Baker 48.32 200
Derek Breaker 50.05 204


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Culham Cross Country Report

(by Katherine)

Well it appears to go like this... you spend almost four years entering nearly every club championship race, spending x amount on entry fees and eventually you just may win that elusive (or is it exclusive ?) bottle of plonk. ( I don't count the only other time I won it as it rolled out of my car boot on arrival at home , thereby disgorging all contents down my drive before I had chance to indulge )...

Ah.. cross country races, don't you just love 'em.....the wet, the cold , wind..and that's just the runners. Actually I do love them, weird as I am. Perhaps it's got something to do with hauling myself over the Lake District fells with my Dad in my distant youth that  brings back a few good memories.

With this race at Culham we had a great turn -out of numbers (nothing to with the fact it counted towards our own championship of course !) , so were sure of full teams for ladies and gents. Checking out the opposition both in our tent and others I could see it would be a tough race but that's supposed to be good, isn't it ?!! Hones the old mental skills, or something like that. Under starters orders and us ladies were warned not to knock over the poor youngster on the bend as he was still struggling around the final lap. Personally, I would have thought he could have got a PB seeing all us lot charging down on him . I didn't actually see him as Denise and Hannah had gone speeding off at Bannister pace and all I could focus on was their heels becoming more fainter by the second. Hey Ho .

Head down and get on with the job in hand...staying upright in a ton of mud that is . All thoughts of good running form are out of the window. Next minute the rush is on to get a good position on the staight narrow bit and I felt my ankles turning  in an unnatural angle to the ground ! Elbows out , that gets rid of a few trying to get past ! ( joking ,of course), Bit more flat straight bit and then don't look up or else your heart does a little flip (sorry that meant to read.. steely determination takes over ) as the two short sharp hills loom. Of course that means there are two downhills, (I didn't go to a grammer school for nothing you know ),and then it hits you that flying down isn't really an option...more like flailing down. How the FUDGE do these fell runners do it ? At the bottom and here we go around again. Whose stupid bloody idea was this anyway to make us delicate ladies run futher this year ? Sadistic B####S ! Moan over with and I look up to see if I could try and reel a few in . Apparently my breathing has been compared to Darth Vader as I try and overtake. I would like to think that is where the comparison ends. Seeing the Finish is always good and especially when I could see my neighbour(Woodstock Harriers) seconds in front. How come the legs don't do that sprint finish that gets practised in speed sessions ? Never mind , I 'll get her next time or the next..... Well done to us all for making that commitment to Team Eynsham. Us ladies are doing really well so it's now up to you chaps to try and catch us us.

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Andy Reading 10k Results

A positive PB-fest for the elite group of ERR folk who took part in the 2009 Andy Reading 10k.  Congratulations to Marisa and Elaine for getting under an hour for 10K for the first time, and to everyone else who improved their previous bests. Ian's time, though not a PB, was still over 6 minutes faster than he ran here last year.

Name Time Also
Graham Bridges 39:28  
Denise Bridges 43:47 PB
Alastair Graham 43:56 PB
Ben Chuilon 48:03 PB
Ian Keeley 49:05  
Zoe White 51:50 PB
Marisa Keeley 58:00 PB
Elaine Butler 59:52 Big PB
Sheenagh Reynolds 66:08  
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Culham Cross Country Results

Another excellent turn-out from the Eynsham ladies gave them a 5th place in Division 2, while the men survived a few absences to post a decent result and maintain top spot in Division 3.

There were 149 competitors in the women's race and 221 in the men's.

As this was the last event in this year's club championship and short league, jokers were played here if they hadn't been played before.

Race  Forename  Surname  Time  Position CC Pts SL Pts
   Katherine  Bates  32.59 29 50  
   Denise  Bridges  33.06 30 49  
   Jackie  Pinnock  34.30 42 48  
   Hannah  Brice  35.46 59 2x47  
   Kate  Williamson  35.58 64 46  
   Anne  Currie  36.52 79 2x45  
   Marie  Chuilon  37.10 85   50
   Sheila  Gascoigne  41.44 115   49
   Joan  Ryan  46.59 144 44  
   Julie  Weiskrantz  47.15 145   48
   Robert  Storey  37.11 36 2x50  
   Dave  Ferrier  40.21 83 49  
   Dafydd  Warburton  40.28 85 2x48  
   Graham  Bridges  42.33 109 47  
   Ben  Breaker  43.09 118 46  
   Mark  Creasey  44.12 132 2x45  
   Tony  Whitlock  44.45 139 2x44  
   Alistair  Graham  46.57 164   50
   Peter  Larbalestier  49.29 184 2x43  
   John  Bishop  49.34 185   49
   Adrian  Pinnock  49.50 188   48
   Derek  Breaker  50.37 193 2x42  
   Ian  Keeley  51.17 197 41  
   Keith  Baker  53.35 208 2x40  


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Eynsham 9 mile and 6 mile Results

Another excellent turn-out of runners and marshals, and thanks to whoever booked the weather.

Well done to Robert on shattering last year's course record, and we've added last year's times if you want to compare your performances. Dafydd and Graham H weren't in club kit, which means I don the jobsworth hat once more.

9 Mile      
Name Time  Points 2008
Robert Storey 00:55:28 50  
Dafydd Warburton 01:00:39 0  
Graham Bridges 01:01:48 49 01:00:27
Mark Tyrrell 01:02:10 48  
Kevin Dawson 01:03:09 47 01:02:13
Richard Saunders 01:03:58 46  
Katherine Bates 01:04:11 50  
Ben Breaker 01:04:57 45  
Tony Whitlock 01:06:17 44 01:05:04
Denise Bridges 01:06:33 49  
Larry Poole 01:08:43 43 01:05:53
Jacky Pinnock 01:09:13 48 01:17:06
Hugh Morris 01:10:07 42 01:10:00
Graham How 01:10:13 0
Kate Williamson 01:10:52 47 01:11:19
Kevin Kavanagh 01:12:03 0 01:11:59
Martin Johnson 01:13:50 41 01:14:38
Ian Keeley 01:16:23 40
Tracey Siret 01:25:56 46 01:26:39
Malachy Early 01:29:46 0  
Dave Early 01:29:49 39  
Joan Ryan 01:34:14 45 01:34:13
6 Mile        
Name Time  Position Also 2008
Matthew Marks 00:45:27 50   00:49:28
Alastair Graham 00:46:08 2x49 Joker  
Mark Schofield 00:48:15 0    
John Bishop 00:49:07 48    
Ben Chuilon 00:49:38 47    
Adrian Pinnock 00:50:03 46    
Marie Chuilon 00:51:47 50    
Sheila Gascoigne 00:56:16 49   00:53:23
Natalie Dawson 00:56:39 48   00:59:38
Jane Bishop 00:58:05 47   00:57:28
Gail Morris 01:02:22 0    
Marisa Keeley 01:02:38 46    
Roger Gascoigne 01:03:47 45   01:03:45
Elaine Butler 01:03:55 45   01:11:14
Linda Breaker 01:05:33 44   01:06:07
Julie Weiskrantz 01:05:45 43    
Sandra Jinks 01:09:18 42   01:08:20


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Sodbury Slog Results

Another enjoyable romp in the mud for all concerned. Hopefully there will be some non-copyright photos that we can add at some point. Anyway, here are the results of the ERR contingent, and well done to Kate on another Kate Award.

Position Name Time Category
93 Ben Breaker 01:06:50 Senior Men
97 Mark Tyrrell 01:07:05 Senior Men
114 Graham Bridges 01:08:26 Vet Men
184 Kevin Dawson 01:12:43 Senior Men
185 Tony Whitlock 01:12:57 Vet 50 Men
231 Alastair Graham 01:14:58 Senior Men
349 John Bishop 01:21:57 Senior Men
351 Derek Breaker 01:22:10 Vet 50 Men
362 Martin Johnson 01:22:50 Vet 50 Men
385 Denise Bridges 01:23:56 Senior Ladies
390 Jackie Pinnock 01:24:28 Vet Ladies
404 Kate Williamson 01:25:25 Vet 60 Ladies
434 Adrian Pinnock 01:27:15 Vet 50 Men
594 Hannah Brice 01:37:06 Senior Ladies
742 Ian Keeley 01:48:31 Vet 50 Men
785 Denise Bailey 01:52:12 Senior Ladies
947 Hildy Frenken 02:06:25 Vet 50 Ladies
948 Jenny Breaker 02:06:26 Senior Ladies
949 Julie Weiskrantz 02:06:35 Vet Ladies
960 Elaine Butler 02:08:01 Vet Ladies
961 Linda Breaker 02:08:02 Vet 50 Ladies
962 Marisa Keeley 02:08:03 Vet 50 Ladies


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Ascott Cross Country Results

An excellent start to the season for both the ladies' and men's teams. Also, well done to Hannah for competing when the weather was still at its worst, and to Tony and Jane for putting the tent up in a howling gale, especially when it took about 8 of us to put it down again.

There were 36 competitors in the U15-U17 girls race, 153 in the women's race, and 263 in the men's. The ERR women are currently 7th in the Division 2, and the men are top of Division 3.

Race Forename Surname Time Position
U15/U17 Girls        
  Hannah Larbalestier 17.57 25
  Denise Bridges 30.24 32
  Katherine Bates 30.29 34
  Jackie Pinnock 31.21 47
  Kate Williamson 32.53 63
  Anne Currie 35.02 96
  Robert Storey 35.24 41
  Dave Ferrier 37.28 77
  Nick Leach 37.57 91
  Dafydd Warburton 38.50 107
  Ben Breaker 38.58 110
  Mark Tyrrell 39.51 127
  Graham Bridges 40.22 135
  Tony Whitlock 42.30 177
  Kevin Dawson 43.05 184
  Mark Creasey 43.25 188
  Nick Sheard 44.17 198
  Mark Schofield 44.23 199
  Peter Larbalestier 45.23 206
  Martin Johnson 48.08 225
  Adrian Pinnock 50.04 240
  Nik Roberts 53.40 253
  Keith Baker 54.01 254


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Henley 1/2 Marathon and 10k Report

9am, Sunday 11th October 2009

Following an early Sunday morning start and what seemed like an extra long drive Marie and I finally made it to Henley, to join a queue of traffic. I didn’t realise the event was that big! Once parked up we walked over to the start area, to join a queue for the loo. Well, Marie queued. I, erm... found a quiet spot.

Before we knew it, it was time for the 10k race start. The conditions were good: calm and cool with a bit of sun. The first kilometre, with its gentle downhill, was a doddle, and it was at that point that I remembered someone telling me that going out of Henley meant going uphill for sure, hmmm...

Half a kilometre on I hit a hill, I don’ like those. 10 minutes later I was still going up and it was at point that I remembered reading somewhere that the route has a 2.5 km hill, oh dear.

After what seemed like an eternity (and a bit of walking) I got to the top, hurrah! Gentle slope all the way home? No. The way down was too steep for my liking. I attempted the “Larry shuffle” but I’m clearly a long way off perfecting it as other runners flew by. I’ll have to get some coaching.

The rest of the race just seemed to pass by and the final 2km or so were down but almost flat, my favourite!

As Marie and I walked back to our car we could see half marathoners going past, starting their last 10km, the same 10 we’d just finished. Poor sods...

Well done to all those who raced, especially ½ marathon runners Denise Bridges and Jackie Pinnock for their PBs, and Kate Williamson and Larry Poole for 1st LV60 and 2nd MV60.

The full ERR results are here.

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Henley 1/2 Marathon and 10k

As the PA announcer said beforehand, "Reading Roadrunners are back here to defend their team title, but this year they face competition from Eynsham Roadrunners". Not sure where he got his information from, but the ERR ladies may just have lived up to their billing. The ERR men didn't, despite a fantastic debut in 14th place overall from Robert. Elsewhere there were a couple of excellent PBs on a course that wasn't ideal for such things. If anyone would like to correct their time then please let me know.

Forename Surname Time also CC Pts SL Pts
Half Mara          
Robert Storey 01:22:02 (debut) 50  
Graham Bridges 01:34:11   49  
Larry Poole 01:35:19 (2nd MV60) 48  
Katherine Bates 01:39:25   50  
Denise Bridges 01:41:26 (pb) 49  
Jacky Pinnock 01:43:53 (pb) 48  
Kate Williamson 01:44:15 (1st LV60) 47  
Ian Keeley 01:55:37   47  
Sandra Jinks 02:33:58     47 (now)
Jim Hutchins 48:42     50
Adrian Pinnock 51:19     49
Marie Rout 55:14     50
Ben Chuilon 55:28     48
Sheila Gascoigne 55:47     49
Marisa Keeley 62:49 joker
Deirbhle Mannion 63:49     0
Roger Gascoigne 66:27     47
Julie Weiskrantz 67:29 joker   2x47



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H2E Report

(by Marie)


I won’t spend much time explaining the journey to Holyhead on Friday. Partly because we did not all travel together, and partly because some it just didn’t make a lot of sense.

Six of us set off after work from Oxford station. The train was very busy and we were unable to sit together but I think it’s fair to say that wherever we sat in the carriage we would have been able to hear some ‘interesting’ drunken conversation. Sorry, he wasn’t drunk, he was travelling. Apparently, that’s what ‘travelling’ does to you.

Arriving in Coventry we quickly left the train and headed for the next one, only to find that we had been rejoined by the not-drunk man. He sat a few seats away and made an important phone call. Apparently we’re at war. I’m not sure who with but he was certain that we are at war. Or maybe he’s at war with the person on the other end of the phone who couldn’t understand the difference between drunk and ‘travelling’. Either way, I thought it important to tell you in case you were as confused as me.

On the following train it was much quieter and we settled down to the usual reading/crosswords/thinking about war, and the journey was fairly uneventful. We arrived in Holyhead to hear woes of fresh fish still being frozen and therefore off the menu. It was a sad story, but we are at war you know.

55.10 miles
3 hours 44 minutes on the bike
Average speed 14.8mph

It was a pleasant start to our weekend with only 55 miles to cycle and most of those were flat(ish). Everyone was in high spirits and we managed to travel at least half a mile before our first incident of the day – Nik fell off at a kerb as we cycled to Morrisons for breakfast. If only we had realised then what an eventful journey lay ahead of us.

Luckily at breakfast the only low point came as they ran out of cereals but these were soon topped up in time for everyone to grab what they wanted and stuff their faces. And then we were ready for the challenge. We made it out of Holyhead before the next incident. This time Greg had two punctures, getting his quota in early. The rest of us decided to apply a ‘survival of the fittest’ rule and head off in the direction of Betwys Coed. We were soon rejoined by Lesley and Greg, and then almost as quickly lost them again with other members of the group, just ahead of the first stop.

Those of us brave souls who made it to the food stop were in for even more excitement as Ben’s toilet trip turned into a scene from ‘when peeing outdoors goes bad’ as he was chased out of the bushes by bees. Suddenly nobody else needed to pee.

We continued on toward the Llanberis Pass. There were beautiful mountain views as we climbed slowly (or not so slowly if you’re Dan/Nik/Lesley/Greg/Graham) up towards the next stop at the Pen y Pass car park. Those of us that had made it to the first stop were not feeling too bad and stopped in the car park to ponder the whereabouts of the van and generally loiter and shiver. Eventually we were joined by the missing members of the group who had been travelling somewhere near the A5 and were now in serious need of food, as Jacque very quickly pointed out upon her arrival. Luckily we had stopped near a café so a few cuppas were drunk, cake and chips eaten, and eventually I became less blue. Still no van so we headed onwards and downwards only to find the van eagerly awaiting us at the bottom of the hill with lots of wonderful food laid out. Another stop, hoorah!

Whilst munching on all sorts of bad and fattening things (the best kinds of food) we heard how our paramedic had managed to cut her own finger whilst preparing our sandwiches. Luckily she also dealt with the injury herself, as the only person qualified for this sort of thing.

Following the cold and wet food stop it was decided that the spa at the hotel was much more welcoming than a walk up Snowdon and so we continued. Our route led us along a fairly flat route, and then a 20% hill appeared out of nowhere. There was no run up, just a turning after a give way. Having been at the back I approached the hill to find people coming back down the hill towards me to change into a more appropriate gear and then turn around and try again. I too had a bit of a false start and was left behind with Denise. As I tried again she cycled past me very slowly, talking to herself. ‘Keep pushing, just a bit more…’ until she was in front of me and ever so slowly falling to the left. Luckily there was a wall to grab onto and she unclipped her feet at the last second. I think we walked the rest.

The road continued to be fairly narrow and undulating. Again, I was at the back of the group and at one point caught up with everyone to find them all stopped and staring downward. Apparently ‘down’ was the direction we needed to take but nobody wanted to be first. It was a bit like ‘Oblivion’ at Alton Towers – vertically down and then a bend so you couldn’t see what was at the bottom. One person went and, like sheep, we all followed. There were a few more hills of a similar vain and my brakes were well used by the end. I was glad to see that we came out into a town and our accommodation was just down the road.

Arriving at around 3.30p.m. left plenty of time to get into holiday mode, grab the swimming gear and towels and head down to the spa. Lovely. Some people had already been and gone, while others took the opportunity for an afternoon nap. The rest of us wore ourselves out by splashing around in the pool, playing with the floats, and having a bit of a competition to see who could sit on the float cross-legged (probably a rather pointless competition but Dan was very determined not to be beaten by a float, I suppose it’s the principal of the matter). The Jacuzzi was nice, the steam room was nice, and we then went out for a lovely dinner. What a nice day.

Awards for the day go to:
Ben – best bee sting dance
Dan – most determined to sit cross-legged on a float
Ian – newest (and most colourful) shirt
Mark – loudest snoring on previous night
Denise – most determination whilst cycling and most motivating speech

100 miles!
8 hours 12 minutes in the saddle
Average speed 12.2mph

An early start for our longest day. Dan organised his puncture to coincide with everyone else pumping up their tyres, getting ready and generally faffing. Denise was apparently having some trouble getting her leg over. Meanwhile Jacque, Marisa and Linda wisely decided to set off early to follow a slightly different route along the main road. The rest of us, including Denise who had somehow manoeuvred herself onto the saddle, headed upwards, and down a bit, then up some more, and then up a bit more again, through some mud, up again, through some cow sh*t, over a few slugs, down a bit and then up – or something like that. Two hours of cycling later and we’d cycled about 9 miles.

We met up with Jacque, Marisa and Linda who looked like they’d been waiting a while and we set off up some more hills. As we headed up through the Welsh hills the weather became wetter and windier. We cycled paths previously uncycled, or at least very rarely, judging by the panic of the cattle and sheep whenever we went past them. It was very lovely countryside, Hannah even stopped to watch the sheep dog being trained (it was just a coincidence that this was on yet another hill we needed to climb).

We reached our first food stop around lunch time. Our support crew had been waiting for a long time on a cold, wet hill, and we were possibly not as polite as we could have been upon our arrival – food first, talk later. We huddled around the van for warmth whilst stuffing in as much food as possible and waiting for others to arrive. Rachel and Julie had had the genius idea of bringing a flask of tea – it was the best tea ever!

After the food stop the hill continued upwards for what seemed like a long time and then… down! Finally we could get speed up and use a little less energy. The view was beautiful, but wet. We could see the rain blowing across the road in front of us and feel it on our faces. I started to think about what a great thing it was to be out in the elements, but then I looked to my right and saw the vertical drop. Suddenly I felt the need to pay more attention to where I was headed in order to avoid being blown of the side of mountain to meet a certain death. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

The next part of the ride has become something of a blur. However, I do remember that Marisa fell off her bike at a give way junction and was writhing around on the floor for a bit before we realised she couldn’t get up and someone had to remove the bike from between her legs. Shortly afterwards Denise fell off, also at a junction but she managed to get up off the floor much more quickly. At some point later in the day Graham also fell off, making it a hat-trick. There were also a lot of punctures, too many to count but most of them Nik’s.

As we travelled on towards Herefordshire it became apparent that Hannah was unable to unclip from her pedals, or at least not quickly enough. A new measure was put in place whereby somebody had to catch her when she needed to stop and she could somehow detach herself from the bike whilst holding on to said person. Amazingly she did not fall off, or at least not that I know of.

Late in the day, we were still trudging onwards. Lesley was worried we wouldn’t make it before dark and so Dan changed the route. Unfortunately, nobody told Nik’s satnav and so some of us headed up a fairly steep hill as per the original route while others blissfully skirted around the bottom of the hill. We ended up in the same place for another food stop and then set off as one group again. We were tiring by this point and in need of dinner. Following closely behind Nik a piece of mud flicked up onto my upper lip to give me a Hitler moustache but even that didn’t get much of a giggle from me as dinner was calling. And then finally, we saw Julie on the horizon – we’d made it!

If I had to sum up the day in a few words it would be: hills, wind, rain, hills, falling off, punctures, hills (ok so that’s more than a few).

Lesley’s words at dinner were: lost in ecstasy, collide in Wales, complete fruitloop – no idea what it means, maybe it’s code for something?

Awards for the day go to:
Linda – soldiering on with a bad knee
Derek – responsible for most slug deaths
Marisa – best fall
Jacque – telling it how it really is
Hannah – most attached to her bike
Dan – most timely puncture
Nik – most punctures incurred by one cyclist

87.68 miles
6 hours 33 minutes on the bike
Average speed 13.3mph

Lesley kindly allowed us a bit of a lie-in the following day and we left half an hour later. Everyone was still up and about nice and early (although probably not as early as Linda and Derek) and was giving their bike a bit of tlc, including Mark who had suddenly thought it might be a good idea if all of his gears worked unlike the previous days where he spent a lot of time cycling back down a hill to change gear before taking a second attempt at the climb. The sun even managed to come out as we prepared to set off.

It was promised that the day’s route would be much easier, practically flat, and this promise was repeated throughout the day, particularly following or prior to yet another hill. The support crew were eager to ensure we had enough stops following our exhausting hilly 100 miles and it wasn’t long before we saw them for a quick food stop. Heading off again afterwards there was suddenly a crash and some shouting heard at the back of the group. It wasn’t clear what had happened but Greg appeared to have another puncture and Lesley’s rear wheel was extremely buckled. A few quick repairs later and we were on the way again.

The next ‘official’ food stop was in Ledbury where the town was closed for some kind of festival. Lesley decided that her bike needed a bit more tlc as she had been unable to keep up at the back of the group. The removal of a couple of brake blocks did the trick – who needs brakes anyway. It seems that the possibility of not being able to stop was preferable to giving in to the comforts of the van. Luckily ‘not stopping’ didn’t appear to be a problem for Lesley and we continued homeward.

Not wanting to be outdone, Nik ensured he had a few more punctures throughout the day and then broke his gears for good measure. Graham also had a puncture or two, and a bad knee – which did result in a ride in the van for a short time. At the following stop we yet again promised no hills and Graham got back on the bike, cycled a mile or two and was then faced with a hill. Who were we trying to kid?

As we approached Stow on the Wold some of us began to slow due to tiredness. But not Jacque. Suddenly she had a surge of energy knowing that home was just down the road – about 45 miles down the road but down the road nonetheless. It was difficult to tell by this stage who was in front or behind as we all spread out on the rolling hills. Occasionally I couldn’t see anybody in front of me and that is not always a good thing. Too much time alone allows you to ask yourself silly questions such as ‘why I am I doing this?’. I suppose the answer is ‘because it’s fun really’. And it was. We all made it back to Eynsham in one piece (although the same cannot be said of all our bikes). We had a wonderful support crew waiting for us and even a welcoming home party – what more could a very, very tired cyclist ask for?

Awards for the day go to:
Larry – for not getting into the van even though he thought he would need to when he signed up
Tich – for letting us use the most welcome van in Wales and England
Lesley – most broken bike (although Nik tried to steal this award away from her)
Greg – for being so laid back he was freewheeling up the hills
Graham – maintaining his King of the Mountains title despite an injured knee

Overall awards to:
Lesley for organising such a wonderful (and cheap!) trip
Nik and Dan for giving us direction
Julie for all the driving and feeding
Rachel for feeding us, and for best pictures taken of knackered cyclists.

And because the report wouldn’t be the same without a few pictures…





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