Who’s Who

Our leaders

Chair                                  Simon Walker

‘I did my first half marathon when I was 10 (!?) but it took me 25 years to join a running club. I enjoy how running is freeing and how it allows exploring the area to happen more quickly. I love the races within the races, each running story is unique. I always feel better after a run. It can be a proper old effort to get out the door though, can’t it? As well as making great friends, I’ve ‘got out the door’ a whole lot more since joining ERR!’

Vice Chair                         Nick Hardwick  

Secretary                          Marina Barlow-Oakes

‘I began running in 2013 after being diagnosed with a autoimmune liver disease and I took up running to raise money for charity. I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone and it was widely known that I didn’t like running! After I crossed the finish line of the Bristol 10k however, my competitive instinct fully kicked in and I immediately knew that I would backtrack on something I swore I would never do again.’

Treasurer                          Hugh Morris


“I started road running in the early 80’s, to keep fit for football, at lunchtime with others at work.   At school I did prefer sprinting, but endurance was more appropriate.  The first work runs were a circuit twice around Christchurch Meadows about 2.5-3 miles, definitely felt like endurance then, but maybe not now (or does it)!! 

I joined Eynsham about 25 years ago (after a spell with Yarnton Running Club).”


Committee members and any specialist areas


Derek Breaker


Graham Bridges (website, stats)

‘I joined ERR in 2004, having been running for many years already, but never previously been a member of a club. It’s the team events that I enjoy most, and keep me trying to defy the ageing process. My proudest achievement in running was organising and being part of the ERR team which finished 3rd in the 2014 Ridgeway Relay, amongst some much bigger clubs.’

Nigel Fisher


Di Hubbert (Minutes Secretary)

Richard Hume

Martin Johnson

Tara Lawfull

Arthur McEwan-James (Routemaster)

Jacky Pinnock (Ladies’ Winter Club Captain)

John Wilcox


Men’s Club Captain

Benedict Pollard