Waddesdon 5K Race Report

7:30pm, Wednesday 15 July 2009

It was a sultry July evening as we wound up the drive to Waddesdon Manor retelling  now legendary stories about those who have famously blown up on ‘The Hill’ to Matthew Marks, pointing out spots where remains of those runners can still be seen.   

On arrival, we continued to warn the other  Waddesdon virgins, “don’t go too fast down, because you’ve got to come back up... and THEN go round the house”, so when the Waddesdon 5k started, and the field sprinted away at mad speed, those of us who’d suffered before, hung back trying to limit any early damage whist still trying to stay vaguely in touch.  This included myself but behind me being even more cautious was Katherine.

At the 1k marker, I’d managed to join Kate, but when I looked at my watch 03:55min, “We are going to pay for this”, I commented, but further down the road, I could see Anne and Jackie still speeding away, Wiley Fox Katherine? Still behind.

At 2k, the road started to flatten out and this is the point where your legs and lungs start to tell you, you might have gone too soon, but the leaders were coming back up, so I used the opportunity to distract myself and cheer on Robert, who was about 6th, Graham and Kev.  (Did anyone see Ben Breaker run back up?  No, me neither!  Ben are you sure you ran all the way down?)

At the turning point, I was pulling in Anne, her early pace starting to tell and I passed her around 3k.  The hill started to climb, the other Eynsham runners were shouting encouragement as they continued down, but I could only manage a wave as I tried to keep it going as the hill got steeper. 

Up ahead, I could see Ben C, could I catch him?  He disappeared into a cloud of smoke...everytime we do this race, the groundsmen  are always having a bonfire by the side of the course, why?  it’s hard enough without a lungful of smoke.  Anyway, rant over,  as Ben and I got through the smokey bit, our positions had changed and we gave each other  comedy “How did that happen?” glances as we continued up the slope. 

My next target was Jackie, but she was way ahead and there was this heavy breathing getting closer and louder.  My subconscious had worked it out already and a quick glance confirmed, it was Katherine.  She steamed passed me like I was standing still, her more cautious start now paying dividends, but I still had work to do, I could see a Vale of Aylesbury runner struggling in front of me and I remembered we were strong contenders for the ladies team prize...and then she stopped running and started to walk!  I sped passed, she might start again!

By this time, I’d reached the front of the house, Jackie was actually not that far away, could I catch her?  probably not.  We ran round the side of the house, she was gaining on some guy, but I was catching both of them.  As we got to the front again, Jackie got passed him, but I overtook them both just before the corner, it was then a panic sprint up to the line as Jackie doesn’t give in that easy and she finished only  4 seconds behind me.

So three ladies in, just one more to go for the team and then Kate and Anne could be seen battling it out to the line with Anne beating Kate by 2 seconds.  Was this enough for our team prize?  More encouragement was given as the runners streamed in and the funniest thing of the night was Natalie laid out on the floor, not talking, (yes you read that right).  Eventually, she sat up and said “That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I couldn’t breathe!”, to which the response was, “Now you know how Linda feels when you’re both running up hills, and she's struggling to keep up  and you’re giving a running commentary!”

So onto the prize giving, it was a bit of a role of honour for Aylesbury to be honest who cleaned up most of the prizes, but there was Eynsham success as well:

·         Matthew Marks 1st MU20

·         Katherine 1st FV45

·         Kate 1st FV50

·         Larry 1st MV60

·         Two PB’s for Katerine and Elaine, well done to them

·         The biggest turn-out from any club there with 32 of us taking part, Yay us!

·         Once again Eynsham took over the ladies toilets and turned it into their changing room, good pincer movement girls.

Did we get the Ladies Team prize? Well it depends how you work the results out.  If you base it on the first four finishers, yes, morally we won.  Unfortunately, the organisers used  the “adding up finishing positions, and lowest score wins” method, so no we didn’t. 

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New Forest Ironman Results

Congratulations to Nick Sheard who completed the Forestman Triathlon on Sunday 12th July, 3.8k swim, 180k bike and 42k run.

Nick's stats for the ironman are as follows:

Nick Sheard M40 01:28:15 06:58:33 05:15:02 13:46:40

The winner completed by event in 10:28:12 and full results and race director's report can be found at:

He had two supporters, Team Bridges, who let the side down by not turning up for the start at 5.30am and were subsequently berated by other supporters for being lightweights. (Denise would just like to point out that it was Graham who didn't want to go and not her, she would have gone, if Graham had got her up). 

Regular text messages were sent to Nick's wife, Hanne, to keep her informed of his progress, (we glossed over the bad patch at 14.5 miles of the marathon, we didn't want to worry her).

Can't help thinking he could have chosen better accomodation for the night before, check out the picture of his tent in the gallery, Graham is laid next to it, just to show how small it is...

....and as for the tattoo, disappointingly, the ironman tattoo is a trademark of Ironman events so you have to do one of their races to be allowed to have it scratched onto your body, so Nick got just a medal and a tshirt.

Nick was heard to say "Never again" in a Sir Steve Redgrave sort of way, I'm not sure I believe him.





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Triathlon News and Results

Appreciate these results are being posted a little bit late, but here are the Blenheim Triathlon results which took palce on the 6/7th June. 

The sprint distance was 750m Swim/20km Bike/5km Run, whilst the youth super sprint was 400m Swim/10km Bike/2.5km Run.

Well done to all, especially Pete who was third in his category.  


Name Total Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
Nick Sheard 1:22:11 15:26 03:40 36:34 01:43 24:50
Dan Talbot-Ponsonby 1:23:43 17:05 03:37 35:39 01:34 25:50

Nik Roberts

1:24:34 15:35 03:14 37:27 01:33 26:46
Peter Larbalestier 1:29:08 17:08 04:14 40:21 01:47 25:40
Lesley Parry-Jones 1:30:14 15:21 03:57 43:03 01:42 26:12
Hannah Brice 1:32:58 16:08 04:16 41:42 02:17 28:36
Ben Chuilon 1:33:04 15:38 05:00 42:26 01:38 28:23
Denise Bridges 1:33:50 17:22 04:30 42:59 02:08 26:51
Nick Maynard 1:34:54 14:39 05:21 44:48 02:04 28:04
Marie Rout 1:48:08 26:05 04:36 45:35 01:56 29:58
Youth Sprint
Hannah Larbalestier 1:02:23 09:10 04:09 31:10 02:08 15:48

Photos can be found in our gallery: Blenheim Triathlon
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Combe Motavation Results

This might be a record Eynsham turnout. If anyone wants to round their time down to what their watch told them, then let me know. Welcome back to Bob Pomfret after 18 months of injury.

SL Pts
MARK     TYRRELL            
TONY     WHITLOCK26.06  
KEVIN     DAWSON26.24  
LARRY     POOLE26.55  
MARK     CREASEY27.03  
NIGEL     CLARK27.53  
ALASTAIR     GRAHAM28.15  49
HUGH     MORRIS28.21  
STEVE     CREASEY28.27  
JIM     HUTCHINS 28.34  48
JONATHAN     MARKS 29.01  47
ANNE     CURRIE29.06  
DEREK     BREAKER29.08  
JOHN    BISHOP30.08  46
ADRIAN     PINNOCK30.30  45
NIK     ROBERTS         
30.32  44
BEN     CHUILON30.36  43
JEREMY     DENTON31.52  
MARIE     ROUT     32.12  50
IAN     SPENCER     32.36  
BILL     MIDDLETON     32.37  
IAN     KEELEY32.54  
NATHALIE     DAWSON33.42  48
JANE     BISHOP34.33  46
BOB     POMFRET35.24  
JULIA     EDWARDS35.51  
ANDY     CREASEY35.55  
ZOLTAN     BIRO36.08  42
GEMMA     FERRIER36.39  
GAIL     MORRIS39.57  
JOAN     RYAN40.56
ROGER     GASCOIGNE41.45  41
SANDRA     JINKS43.57  44
EMMA     DONNELLY50.38  


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3 Peaks Challenge 2009

(Report by Linda Breaker)

So, am I a slow learner or just a glutton for punishment? Either way here I was again participating in the 3 Peaks Challenge! Our team – drivers Ian and Larry, walkers Jacky, Jan, Julie, Elaine, myself and our stalwart leader Denise. Oh, and Sweaty Betty, now participating in her third challenge.

Our ‘ace‘ drivers started well, picking us up from our doors and setting off at quite a pace on our journey up to Scotland. The weather was glorious. Appreciated even more when we heard from Nat and Kevin that the weather in Italy was dreadful! Lady Luck was obviously with us. While the drivers discussed road routes, sport and politics the ladies chatted about important issues like Camilla PB having to wear her outfits more than once as a result of the credit crunch, the nutritional value of Haribo sweets and whether Waitrose was better than Morrisons. Also during the journey we discussed, at length, food requirements for the 24 hour challenge, much to the amusement of our drivers who thought a quick trip to Morrisons for a few pre-packed sandwiches was perfectly adequate. Didn’t they appreciate the nutritional needs of finely tuned athletes? It was much more complicated than that! No proposals were forthcoming as we passed Gretna Green but I don’t think that was what caused Denise to head butt the window? Several hours (10 I think) and more than several ‘comfort’ stops later we arrived in Fort William. Drinks (I thought you were going to abstain from alcohol pre-climb Julie!), a meal and bed, all a little travel weary.

Thursday dawned. Past experiences have taught me that this is a long day. The team is raring to go but has to food shop (who did put those chocolate muffins in the trolley?), attend briefing sessions, set up our ‘personal space’ in the minibus (a challenge in itself) and check kit bags (lots of times!). We also fitted in a shopping session, not for food supplies this time (nice hat Jan), and lunch in the ‘usual’ pasta restaurant with a last minute pep talk from Denise. Our aim was to get all walkers up all mountains and achieve a medal. Start time was 4.32pm.

Eventually we arrived, kitted up and raring to go at the bottom of Ben Nevis and the challenge really began. After a rather rushed photo shoot Elaine took the lead and we set off at a good pace, with our driver’s encouragement ringing in our ears. The sun was still shining and the views of lochs and mountains were beautiful as we ascended ‘The Ben’. Shame we had to spend so much time watching our feet! Denise kept the team focused and together and we arrived at the top in a respectable time of 2 hours 42 minutes. (Ben Nevis – 1344 metres) All feeling pleased we then jogged a lot of the way down, Julie leading the way, picking her route like a mountain goat, and we achieved a time of 2.06. Total time of 4.48 for Ben Nevis, a good start to the challenge. Larry and Ian, after enthusiastic ‘welldones’, encouraged us to visit the facilities, freshen up and change. Not a luxury we normally get but they reassured us that they could drive in a manner that would make up for this time out. Perhaps they didn’t fancy spending the next 6 hours in a bus with 6 smelly ladies! Eventually settled in the minibus with hot drinks and food the boys began the vital driving part of the challenge. I won’t dwell on this part. Suffice to say I don’t travel well, nor does Denise! Whereas our 3 Peak virgins seemed to fare slightly better. However, by the time we reached Scafell we had all managed to refuel and rest a little, though Jacky didn’t manage to wear her pyjamas for travelling as planned!

After a short spell in the holding park (time to clean our teeth at least) we drove to Wasdale Head and began the challenge of Scafell Pike. The start marshals informed those half way up the mountain that the Eynsham Racey Ladies were on their way. Aching muscles and tiredness were pushed to the back of our minds as, at 4 am, we jogged across the field, cheered by the on-looking drivers. Once out of sight the pace slowed! The terrain became stonier and steeper. Huge steps caused ‘little legs Jan’ stress – the rest of us didn’t like them much either! Even Sweaty, located with her head peaking out of my rucsac found them tedious. On and on they went! And then they become boulders! The wind was evil too! Coming and going unpredictably in huge gusts, strong enough to blow us over! Oh I do hate Scafell! The marshalls greeted us enthusiastically but soon realised we were feeling far from racey! Keep eating Denise stressed to us all and Elaine valiantly tried to force down another mouthful of chicken sandwich. However, with much joking, sarcasm, moaning and not least, encouragement, the team made it to the top, 2 hours 9 minutes. (Scafell Pike – 978 metres) The descent was as hard as the ascent. Knees complained, legs wobbled and Jacky nearly gave me a heart attack as she tripped her way down the mountainside. How she escaped a broken neck I shall never know! Denise went flying, falling back on her wrist. The air went blue as she cursed! But we all made it to the bottom and now we all hate Scafell! Down time 1.41, total 3.50. Although exhausted, excitement brewed as Denise and I were beginning to feel a silver medal was achievable.

Changing while travelling was necessary this time. Our trusty drivers were concentrating on the road we hope at this stage! Cramp ‘got’ me at the most in-opportune time, knickers round my ankles! Another faultless drive (as far as us zombies in the back were concerned) by Larry and Ian and we reached Snowdon in the required time, to be unceremoniously dumped at the top of Llanberis pass. The weather was closing in as we got stuck into our final mountain challenge and within a few minutes a brief halt was called as the heavens opened and we all donned waterproofs. Trudging on Jan burst into song in an attempt to raise spirits and distract us from the pain we were feeling. She had obviously spent her time in the minibus composing this masterpiece! We sang, but the pain remained! Vision was poor and some of the team were tiring as the steepest final drag of Snowdon was reached (just passed Jenny’s wall), but team leader Denise stepped in and ‘encouraged’ us on. The team were aware by now that a silver medal was within our grasp and all put their best foot forward – again and again and again and again!  And then we were there, too emotional to say much (Denise and I have a history of blubbing) as the marshal checked us in. (Snowdon – 1095 metres).Our trusty team leader had her priorities set and immediately organised train tickets for the descent of Snowdon. No more walking today thanks.

So, after resting over hot chocolate and Cornish pasties and a slow train ride down Snowdon we eventually made it back to the car park where our driving team members were waiting. Hugs all round as we all received our medals and photos (and countless midge bites) before retiring to the hotel for a period of reminiscing over Pimms (fab recipe Ian), chocolates and peanuts. Our final exertion was the evening meal, award presentations and raffle draw. I am afraid we were poor company for our drivers as exhaustion crept over us! We slept well.

Walking was challenging in the morning, particularly on the stairs and there are so many in that hotel! Jan, however, once she had donned her glamorous support socks danced around our room like a gazelle – tip here for future three peakers. Breakfast was interesting (perhaps a new hotel should be used another year) and then the hilarious banter of our drivers entertained us as we returned home via a rather scenic and, you’ve guessed it, windy route. A lovely cream tea in sunny Pershore made a perfect way to end our few strenuous days.

I would like to thank my team members for their great company, encouragement and support, particularly Denise who was very aware of my need/wish to achieve all mountains. It was really great, but I’m not doing it again!!!

Linda xx


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Ladies 3 Peaks Silver Success


Eynsham Roadrunners Racey Ladies successfully completed the Fire Service 3 Peaks Challenge last week.

We started at 4.32pm last Thursday afternoon at the bottom of Ben Nevis and reached the top in 2.42, with a clear view of the mountains around us.  We then got to the bottom in 2:06 giving us a total Ben Nevis time of 4:48.

Then onto the Lake District with Larry throwing the mini-bus around the winding roads of Glen Coe and almost causing myself and Linda to be sick.

We started Sca Fell Pike at 4:04am, reaching the top in 2:09 despite the windy conditions and again a clear view for miles around, then down in another 1:41 giving us a total time of 3:50.

Finally, Larry again in charge of the winding bits...(uuuuurrrrggghhhh, pass me the bag!) to Snowdon.

2:21 would see us achieve a silver medal and though once again, it got tough, at the top, (Jenny's wall got used again), we completed it in 2.09. 

This gave us a total walking time of 10:47 and with the driving of 11:00 our final time was 21:47 under 22 hours, so we got our silver.

I'd like to thank the whole team, Linda Breaker, Jan Kavanagh, Jacky Pinnock, Julie Weiskrantz and Elaine Butler for being a fantastic team, sticking together and helping each other through the tough parts; to Ian Keeley and Larry for being brilliant drivers, for keeping us entertained and for taking advantage of the non-governed minibus so that we had a bit of breathing space before climbing the next mountain.

I'm officially retiring as the 3 peaks ladies team leader, I do not need to go up Sca Fell ever again.  If any one wants the ladies purple box of maps for next year, I am happy to hand them over.



Full Report to follow...

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Banbury 5 Miles

Banbury 5 Miles, 9th June 2009

An excellent ERR turnout for what was a new race for most of us.

Please let me know if I've missed anyone's joker.

Name      Cat      Time         
 AlsoCC Points
Short League Points
Dafydd WarburtonMS      29:59 50
Dave FerrierMS     30:12 49
Ben BreakerMS     30:56 48
Graham BridgesM40     31:20 47
Kevin DawsonMS     32:51 46
Matthew MarksM20     34:20   50
Al GrahamMS     35:51   49
Jacqueline PinnockF45     36:24 50
Kate WilliamsonF60     36:42 49
Ralf BuckenmaierMS     36:49 Joker2x45
Jim HutchinsM50     37:42  48
John BishopMS     38:39 Joker 2x47
Marie RoutFS     38:53  50
Jonathan MooreM45     39:49 44
Ben ChuilonMS     40:04 Joker 2x46
Gemma Ferrier FS     40:51 48
Ian KeeleyM50     41:43 43
Adrian Pinnock M55     42:22  45
Jane BishopF35     42:48  49
Katherine BatesF45     43:02 47
Sheila GascoigneF50     43:53  48
Natalie DawsonFS     43:58  47
Zoltan Biro MS     46:37  44
Joan RyanM55     49:08 46
Roger GascoigneF65     49:25  43
Elaine Butler F40     49:34  46
Julie WeiskrantzF40 49:36  45
Marisa KeeleyF50     50:02


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Blenheim Triathlon

Blenheim transition area

Well done to everyone who completed the 2009 Blenheim Triathlon on the weekend of 6th and 7th of June. We had some first-timers, some PBs and some great supporters despite the miserable weather. Check out the gallery for photos of the event.

 Sprint Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total
 Daniel Talbot-Ponsonby 17:05 3:37 35:39 1:34 25:50   1:23:43
 Nik Roberts 15:35 3:14 37:27 1:33 26:46 1:24:34
 Peter Larbalestier 17:08 4:14 40:21 1:47 25:40 1:29:08
 Lesley Parry-Jones 15:21 3:57 43:03 1:42 26:12 1:30:14
 Hannah Brice 16:08 4:16 41:42 2:17 28:36 1:32:58
 Ben Chuilon 15:38 5:00 42:26 1:38 28:23 1:33:04
 Denise Bridges 17:22 4:30 42:59 2:08 26:51 1:33:50
 Nick Maynard 14:39 5:21 44:48 2:04 28:04 1:34:54
 Marie Rout 26:05 4:36 45:35 1:56 29:58 1:48:08
 Super Sprint      
 Hannah Larbalestier 09:10 4:09 31:10 2:08 15:48 1:02:23


Blenheim transition area
Blenheim Palace and transition area
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Bletchingdon Motivation

Bletchingdon Mota-vation, 4th June 2009
There were 38 runners from Eynsham stampeding round Bletchingdon on a Thursday evening in June.  Well done to all, next stop Coombe! 
Time    Category    

 Short League Pts

HUGH  MORRIS31.06VM50   
32.24VM50    49
BEN CHUILON32.55SM    48
33.02VM50    47
MARIE ROUT35.03SL    50
KATE BIRD 36.45VL35    47
JOAN RYAN42.09VL55   
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May Marathons Results

Well done to everyone who completed Marathons in May, below are the results from Copenhagen and Edinburgh: 

Copenhagen Marathon (24/5)

Dafydd Warburton 3:13:32 (debut)

Edinburgh Marathon (31/5)Kevin Dawson 3:23:22 (pb)
Graham Bridges 3:27:00 (pb)
Ben Breaker 3:31:38
Tony Whitlock 3:36:13
Kate Williamson 3:37:39 (1st LV55)
Nigel Clark 3:44:47
Hugh Morris 3:46:38
Gemma Ferrier 4:20:12 (pb)
Jane Bishop 4:20:27 (pb)
Derek Breaker 4:25:47
Zoe White 4:31:04 (debut)
Ian Keeley 4:34:03
Jane Larbalestier 4:41:45
Natalie Dawson 4:43:55 (pb)
Linda Breaker 5:42:36


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