Chedworth MT 10 mile

Excellent conditions and an good ERR turnout at this scenic though tough race. Particular mention should be made of Denise, who ran 23 miles yesterday, and Katherine, who did a 10 mile 'warm-up' before the race itself. Something to do with London, apparently.

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Banbury 15

Banbury 15, 8th March 2009

Hilly, windy, cold, wet, but apart from that it wasn't too bad. A clutch of jokers were played in the men's race - as Ian said, "it's my day, I feel good, and more importantly there aren't many of us here." His report is below...

 Name Time Category Also... Club Champ Pts
 Ben Breaker 01:46:33 SM  50
 Graham Bridges 01:51:47 MV40 Joker 2x49
 Larry Poole 01:53:23 MV60 Joker, 3rd MV60 2x48
 Katherine Bates 01:54:37 FV45  50
 Hugh Morris 01:58:37 MV50  47
 Denise Bridges 02:08:06 FV35  49
 Kate Williamson 02:09:22 FV55 1st FV55 48
 Deirbhle Mannion 02:21:46 FV45  47
 Gemma Ferrier 02:22:16 SL  46
 Jane Bishop 02:22:16 FV35  45
 Ian Keeley 02:25:37 MV50 Joker 2x46

My alarm woke me at 7.00 a.m., early to take on fuel in good time for a 10.30. start. Porridge was the order of the day, although the sky was clear and the outlook was almost spring like.

Appearances, as ever, can be deceiving as the breeze was stronger than it appeared and was chillier than I first thought. However, my warm up went well. Always a good start. The aches and pains arose and subsided in their designated order, well at least subsided to within the tolerance threshold of a hardened roadrunner.

Having looked around the gathering ERR clan I realised that my Joker was bursting to make an appearance. I fancied my chances of some points, although Ben rather ungraciously pointed out it was probably more to do with there being only 5 blokes on the grid. Rubbish, at that time I was confident that I could have beaten anyone else who dared to turn up. I played my Joker!

The organisers of this race are very kind in telling runners where the hills will arise, I guess to give you time to prepare yourself. Sadly they don’t tell you where they will end. The correctly predicted the first hill at around 1.5 miles, but failed to say it went on for a mile. They also forgot to mention that the hills they listed were only the majors, and that they were interspersed with quite a few minors. What the heck, it was a grand day as we all set off on a pleasant 
“undulating” course around North Oxfordshire”.

With the breeze at our backs the initial climb was hardly noticeable and the first half of the course disappeared almost without notice. As if by magic the weather turned just as I turned back for home at around 8 miles. The breeze became a howling gale, the bright sky had disappeared and driving rain was thrashing into our faces. Hey, not a problem, I was almost disappointed I only had 7 miles to do in this exhilarating environment. Looking at my watch I was thinking that the 
leaders were likely to be closing in on the finish line and would therefore miss out on this refreshing maelstrom. I bent my torso into the gusts and raced on. (Or was it trudged?)

The storm didn’t last for the whole of the last seven miles, just most of it. Although I had lost sight of the last of the ERR blue shirts earlier on, I did glimpse two ahead nearing the top of a particularly 
long hill. I guessed it would be Jane and Gemma, no doubt still talking and wasting energy, and so I was therefore confident I would be able to run them down in a sprint finish. Sadly it wasn’t to be as the finish came too soon. Another 5 miles and I would have caught them and then died on the line. As the sun was just setting I crossed the line to tumultuous applause from Jane, Gemma and Deirbhle and of the course the caretaker who was keen to clear the park. I was frozen and had 
difficulty in getting my fingers to operate my watch. Deirbhle was doing a credible impression of a hypothermic roadrunner, and Jane and Gemma were still talking!

I have no information about the detail of the results. Anecdotally I heard that Larry ran like stink and was faster than he was 5 years earlier. Ben had earlier mentioned that he wasn’t sure he would get around as he had banged his knee snow boarding. Banged his knee “my arse”. He did his usual impression of running like the wind. I gather Katherine was a bit quick, and of course Kate… again. What a star.

I cannot finish without congratulating Jane, Gemma and Deirbhle who were of course newcomers to this event and equipped themselves well against fierce opposition, i.e. me. I am a firm believer in a level playing field so to speak, so the next time we run together they will be carrying sandbags to compensate for my extra pounds.

Finally it is worth pointing out just how rural and agricultural the course was. The organisers had all bases covered, with medical support being provided by a vet and Equine Ambulance!

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Winslow 10k

Winslow 10k, 22nd February 2009

A new race for everyone, and some excellent performances on what was not really a PB course. In view of this, congratulations to Julie and Elaine for their PBs, and to Katherine for getting close to hers in finishing 2nd in her category. If I've missed or mis-applied anyone's joker, please let me know. Dafydd won the wine, and his report is below.

 Name Time Category Also... Club Champ Pts Short League Pts
 Dafydd Warburton 37:59 SM  50 
 Ben Breaker 38:25 SM  49 
 Graham Bridges 40:01 MV40  48 
 Tony Whitlock 40:30 MV50 3rd MV50 47 
 Katherine Bates 44:30 FV45 Joker, 2nd FV45 2x50 
 Hugh Morris 45:12 MV50  46 
 Derek Breaker 46:02 MV50  45 
 Jackie Pinnock 46:49 FV45 Joker 2x49 
 Denise Bridges 47:43 FV35  48 
 Jane Larbalestier 50:30 FV45  47 
 Adrian Pinnock 51:00 MV50   50
 Sheila Gascoigne 51:36 FV45   50
 Jane Bishop 54:49 FV35 Joker  2x49
 Ian Keeley 55:43 MV50  44 
 Roger Gascoigne 59:08 MV50   49
 Julie Weiskrantz 59:50 FV35 PB  48
 Joan Ryan 61:20 FV55  46 
 Sandra Jinks 64:27 FV55   47
 Elaine Butler 65:49 FV35 PB  46

19 Eynsham Road Runners turned out to compete for championship points at the second Winslow Road Race.

Over 300 runners laced up on this overcast and breezy morning to run a single lap of quiet rural roads through some pleasant North Bucks scenery.

The course was fairly flat and fast, except for the killer hill at the 9km marker.

In our Club Championship race, I fortunately managed to make it home first with Ben hot on my heals. Graham was next followed closely by Tony.  Katherine was first lady home.
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10k Results

Results for the 2014 race can be accessed via the following link:


Photographs of runners from all clubs can be found here, courtesy of Mr Clive Jones.


2013 results 

2013 fun run results 

2012 results (xls) - (pdf)

2012 fun run results 

2011 results (xls) - (pdf)

2011 fun run results 

2010 results

2010 fun run results

2009 results

2009 fun run results

2008 results

2007 results

2006 results

2005 results

2004 results



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Woodcote 10k

Woodcote 10k

I expect it was only a matter of time before I was to win the wine that I buy for the Club Championship race draw!  Having done the race ten times previously you will guess it is one that I like although it never gets any easier!  When the race started from just outside the pub I used to manage to get around in just under the hour but now it has been measured correctly and a longer course it is just an achievement to get round without walking.

This was the first time I think that the race has been full.  There were over 500 runners entered which was great for the organisers as they raise a lot of money for charity.  Following all the cold freezing weather we had been having the conditions on the day were near perfect.  The ice had just thawed from the roads in time for the race.  We had 18 runners turn out which was good as it is not an easy course.  The first half is downhill and then it is time to start the climb back up into Woodcote with the 8 - 9K particularly hard.   Although not a course for a PB six of us decided to play our jokers and get the points on the board.  Ben was the first man and Katherine first lady for the Club Championship whilst Adrian Pinnock and Sheila got off to a good start in the Short League.

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Andy Reading 10k

Andy Reading 10k, 14th December 2008

Well done to those who set some pretty big PBs - take a bow Kevin, Alastair (in his first club race), Jane B and Denise A. Also, congratulations to Ben, who put the competition firmly in its place and retained his Club Championship title.

In case you're wondering, your joker is played by default in the last race of the season if you haven't already played it.
 Name Time Category Also... Club Champ Pts
 Ben Breaker 38:26 SM  50
 Graham Bridges 39:00 MV40  49
 Richard Saunders 41:40 SM Joker 2x48
 Kevin Dawson 41:58 SM PB, Joker 2x47
 Alastair Graham 44:19 SM PB, Joker 2x46
 Katherine Bates 45:04 FV45  50
 Derek Breaker 46:04 MV50  45
 Kate Williamson 46:17 FV55 1st FV55 49
 Gemma Ferrier 52:16 SL Joker 2x48
 Jane Bishop 52:44 FV35 PB -
 Denise Bridges 54:30 FV35  47
 Denise Andrews 54:33 SL PB, Joker 2x46
 Ian Keeley 54:45 MV50  -
 Roger Gascoigne 58:30 MV50  -
 Sheila Gascoigne 58:30 FV45  -
 Joan Ryan 60:25 FV55  45
 Linda Breaker 61:00 FV45  -
 Kathy Green 62:43 FV45 Joker 2x44

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ERR Triathlon

ERR Triathlon, 17th August 2008

Well done to everyone who took part, and particularly to winners Nick Sheard (who broke the course record) and Denise Bridges. The results are here.

1st place man   1st place woman
Runners up:
2nd place man   2nd place woman
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Bicester 10k

Andy Reading 10k, 9th December 2007

A few PBs on this course. Marie won the wine again: race report below
NameTimeCategoryAlso...Club Champ PtsShort league Pts
Ben Breaker37.16SM Equal PB with Carterton  50 
Tony Whitlock39.44 MV50  49  
Graham Bridges39.48 MV40  48  
Kevin Dawson43.34 SM Joker 48  
Peter Larbalestier43.51 MV50   50 
Larry Poole 44.21 MV60  46  
Derek Breaker 44.38 MV50  45 
Katherine Bates 45.04 FV45 PB 50  
Denise Bridges47.55 FV35   50 
Jane Larbalestier50.24 FV45  49  
Marie Rout 50.28 SF PB, joker, wine!!! 48  
Roger Gascoine 57.35 MV40   49 
Joan Ryan 60.52 FV55  47  
Linda Breaker 61.03 FV45   49 

Race report by Marie

It was a cold, windy, wet winter’s day. Oh wait… I’ve already done that one. The highly trained athletes were gathered in the hall, keenly eyeing up the competition. Would Derek shave that extra second off his time? Would Larry take away the Club Championship trophy again this year? Would the queue for the ladies eventually get shorter?

There was a smell of heat rub and bacon in the air. Tensions were building as people began to run across the warm-up field. And then… we casually strolled to the start, chatting about the pros and cons of wearing a hat and gloves, and trouser bulges (when you take the gloves off and shove them down your trousers). The gun went off and we began a 200 metre shuffle before the race opened up and we could start gathering speed.

From post race talk I think the race went well for everyone, if you don’t count Denise almost being sick at the end (but not quite!). A couple of pbs were achieved, helped, on my part, by running through puddles, splashing people and telling them their laces were undone so they’d move out of the way. The men were being rather modest about their runs but I presume they did well as nobody appeared to be sulking in the corner, and they did at least get the hot showers.

I was pleased with my results and have learnt a few valuable lessons along the way which I feel I should share with you (although they won’t make you run faster):

1)      Don’t go into the toilets with your ipod about your person, they are liable to fall down the toilet

2)      Dropping ipods down the toilet makes them not work

3)      When someone tells you the boiler’s broken, just take their word for it

4)      Cold showers are rather unpleasant

5)      Stick insects don’t make for very good company in the pub

The final verdict on this race? Well, a wise man once said ‘It’s better to have felt the thorn than never to have seen the rose’
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ERR 10 mile / 10k

ERR 10 mile/10k, 18th November 2007

Many thanks to Pete at the Queen's head for a fantastic cooked breakfast after the race. Marie won the wine (see her race report below):

10 MilersTimeCategoryClub Champ Pts
Chris James59.11MV402 x 50 (joker) 
Graham Bridges 62.00 MV40 49 
Nick Sheard 64.35 SM 48 
Tony Whitlock 66.10 MV50 47 
Derek Breaker 68.38 MV60 45 
Larry Poole 68.36 MV60 45 
Katherine Bates 68.55FV45 50 
Ralf Buckenmaier 71.17 SM 2 x 44 (joker) 
Hugh Morris71.32 MV40 43 
Kevin Dawson 71.54  42 
Kate Williamson72.47 FV55 49 
Kevin Kavanagh 73.29 MV50 50
Jane Larbalestier85.45 FV45 48 
Marie Rout 85.45 SF 48
Tracey Siret 87.52 FV35  
Jan Kavanagh 88.32 FV45  
Pat Whitlock 93.08 FV45 46 
Joan Ryan   
10k-ersTime Category Short League Pts 
Peter Larbalestier45.44 MV50 50 
Lesley Parry-Jones 46.03 SF 2 x 50 (joker) 
Jane Bishop 62.22 FV35 49 
Roger Gascoigne 62.22 MV50 49 
Sandra Jinks68.18 FV55 48 

Race report by Marie Rout

It was a cold, windy, wet winter’s day. I awoke far too early on a Sunday morning thinking how nice it would be to stay in bed and how any ‘normal’ – dare I say ‘sensible’? – human being would take one look out the window and immediately decide not to do a 10 mile race. However, I’m an Eynsham Road Runner and I knew that there would be no backing down. Cancel a race? For a bit of rain? No chance. 

So, I headed over to HQ i.e. the nearest pub and gathered with the hardcore runners in their shorts and vests. I debated whether or not to add an extra layer and decided that waterproofs, gloves and a hat might just be enough to see me through. At 10.30 we headed out into the rain and, after waiting for Jane to finish ‘faffing about’, we set off at top speed. 

Doubtless the men continued at top speed along the A40, through Wytham and on to the finish line. I didn’t see them.  

At the back, we ladies raced along competitively but somehow couldn’t shake our counterparts and conveniently ended up in pairs. Any other arrangement would ruin the conversation. Spurred on by the thought of a warm pub and a cooked breakfast we overcame the long stretch of the A40 (that’s a third done), almost got run over at the Woodstock roundabout by not paying attention to the cars and waving at the marshal (maybe that was just me), then a nice downhill into Wolvercote, and finally some decent scenery as we headed into Wytham, but with the dreaded hill getting ever closer. 

Upon reaching the entrance to Wytham Woods, Jane and I debated which way to turn (note to organisers- we could use an extra marshal there next year, we lost valuable seconds!). Luckily we decided correctly and began the long crawl up the hill. I probably could’ve walked more quickly. Upon reaching the top came the realisation that it was plain sailing from here on. Not long until the next beer! And some chocolate digestives (yes Derek, I’ll get milk chocolate next time). 

Talk of Christmas shopping made easy work of the toll bridge, then a quick hello to the two marshals at the roundabout before going on to a glorious finish. Thanks everyone for cheering. Nice hat Tony. And thanks organisers for, well, organising, particularly showers and breakfasts. Despite my original reluctance to get out of bed I actually had a rather nice morning. I think I’d do it again.
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