ERR Hall of Fame

We thought it would be a good idea to document all the winners of the various ERR club prizes down the years in one place. So, here they are, as far as we know at the moment. As and when we find more old trophies / results lists, we will update this table.

A few notes:

The Short League ran from 2008 (or so) to 2016, and was intended as an alternative to the main Club Championship for people who preferred to race over shorter distances (10k or shorter).

Up to 2009, a rule applied whereby you won the ‘youngest’ category for which you were eligible, i.e. if an MV50, for example, finished ahead of all the MV40 runners, he would win the MV40 title, and the MV50 prize would then go to the 2nd person in that category. Confused? Well, so were we, and from 2010 onwards you just won the category that you competed in. Also from that year, the overall Championship winner also won the prize for their own category.