10k Results

The results of the 2017 Eynsham 10k can be found here

The results of the 2017 1 mile Fun Run are here

Barry Cornelius took about 2000 photos of the event, which can be found here

2016 results: http://dbmaxresults.co.uk/results.aspx?CId=16421&RId=117

The results for the 1 Mile Fun Run (2016) can be found here



Results for the 2014 race can be accessed via the following link:


Photographs of runners from all clubs can be found here, courtesy of Mr Clive Jones.

2013 results

2013 fun run results

2012 results(xls) – (pdf)

2013 fun run results

2011 results (xls) – (pdf)

2011 fun run result

2010 results

2010 fun run results

2009 results

2009 fun run results

2008 results

2007 results

2006 results

2005 results