Club Championship

To encourage club participation in local events, we have a Club Championship consisting of a series of 15 races throughout the year in which club members can participate.  All club members are encouraged to participate in the Club Championship which is a friendly inter club competition.  You compete with other runners in your age category and also, for the overall trophy, all participants of your gender.

The rules are here

Race distances range from 5k to marathon distance.

Points will be awarded to each runner completing a Club Championship race.  The first man and lady to finish the race will gain 50 points, the second man and lady will gain 49 points, and so on, down to the last finisher of the race.  Points can be doubled in one of your races by using the Joker (see the Club Champ Rules).  At the end of the year the runner, taking their best 10 races, with the most points in each league and category will win a trophy.

The Club Championship sub group’s word is final on any adjudication.

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In 2019 a new parallel ‘Most improved’ Club Championship is being introduced, to recognise the most improved runners overall, and within each age category, based on percentage improvement in average pace compared to the previous year. A formula for calculating this is currently being developed and further details will be announced early in the 2019 season.