Club Championship

To encourage club participation in local events, we have a Club Championship consisting of a series of races throughout the year in which club members can participate.  All club members are encouraged to participate in the Club Championship which is a friendly inter club competition.  You compete with other runners in your age category and also, for the overall trophy, all participants of your gender.

The rules are here

Race distances range from 5k to marathon distance.

Points will be awarded to each runner completing a Club Championship race.  The first man and lady to finish the race will gain 50 points, the second man and lady will gain 49 points, and so on, down to the last finisher of the race.  Points can be doubled in one of your races by using the Joker (see the Club Champ Rules).  At the end of the year the runner, taking their best 8 races, with the most points in each league and category will win a trophy.

The Club Championship sub group’s word is final on any adjudication.

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The Poker Participation Awards are a new idea that are being trialed in 2020/21 and if successful will hopefully continue after that. The idea behind this is to reward people for their participation in various club runs. All club members can be involved in strengthening our turnout at races, building our community and creating a strong base for you to be the best runner you can. Performance comes from participation!


These awards are loosely based on the rather excellent looking Poker Awards run by the New Forest Runners (see

The simplified Eynsham version has the following rules in 2020/21:


  • Every ERR runner is included, but you need to include Eynsham as your affiliated club if asked when you enter races as we need to find you in the results lists.
  • Individual runners do not need to do anything (apart from run!)
  • Participation includes relevant races in the 2020 calendar year (see list below)
  • Finish times do not matter, but a runner must complete a race in order for their participation to be included.

The participation ‘hands’ to be collected are as follows:

  • Four of a kind: either
    • complete four Cross Country races in the calendar year; or
    • complete four Motavation races; or
    • complete any four Grand Prix races
  • Full house:
    • complete three of either Cross Country or Motavation; plus
    • two of either Cross Country or Motavation
  • Straight: complete all of the following:
    • Witney Challenge Away
    • Witney Challenge Home
    • Cotswold Classic 10 (Witney), and
    • Woodstock 12
    • Eynsham Breakfast Run 6 mile (November)

Hopefully that makes sense, and you’ll be able to complete one or more of these fun challenges.. Who will collect all three ‘hands’ in 2020/21? We look forward to finding out, and to seeing you at these races.