ERR Handicap Race Results

Thanks to everyone who helped out, and of course those who took part in the first running of this event since 2019. The new format seemed to be a hit, but any feedback is welcome.

Congratulations to Elaine for winning the massive trophy for the second time, and also to Tom and Jacky who were the man and woman closest to their handicap times, thus winning themselves a trip round the Hook Norton Brewery.

Here is Elaine, with the aforementioned trophy, and Simon looking suitably impressed.


Here are the results, in terms of who beat their handicap by most. Some more facts and figures may follow.


Name Time Relative to Handicap
Elaine Butler -4.57
Richard Hume -3.35
Karolina Witt -2.59
Claire Hazleton -1.23
Colin Hancox -1.21
Gilly Howell -1.12
Phil Hurst -1.09
Steve Howell -0.54
Antony Green -0.52
Howard Humphris -0.39
Tom Baker -0.05
Toby Goss 0.26
Jacky Pinnock 1.03
Ben Cook 1.06
Dave Hemprich-Bennett 1.11
Simon Walker 1.16
Jen Lanksford 1.18
Jane Garton 1.32
Chris Jennings 1.37
Claire Shestopal 1.39
Owen Hughes 1.51
Steve Butler 1.56
Dafydd Warburton 2.01
Mark O’Callaghan 2.05
Stephane Paulus 2.10
Hugh Morris 2.17
Katherine Bates 2.20
Graham Bridges 2.30
Alison Craggs 3.10
Nicola Coppuck 3.51
Kathryn Dally 4.27
Mark Tyrrell 7.58
John Rowland 7.59