Maidenhead 10 miles Report, by Nick Hardwick


Maidenhead 10 – Friday 30th March 2018

  A new race for me personally and after some child minding juggling was off with a full van load of other keen early rises. The weather, it being a bank holiday was due to be completely erratic and lugging round a bag with a complete change of clothes did feel slightly over prepared. After finding the race location which was a business park on the outskirts of maidenhead, we joined the snaky queue to pick up our race numbers, once sorted it was to join another long snaky queue for the mandatory toilet stop. Once ready and warmed up nicely(leg muscles anyway) we were notified of a fifteen minute delay for the start which initiated another queue for the toilet, more jogging up and down or mainly just pre-race chatting. ...
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Cirencester Cross Country Report, by Jane Garton

Cirencester XC, 7 February 2016   I’m new to cross country, and throughout the four miles of hellish quagmire that was Horspath in January I swore ‘never again’ and really meant it. I swore a lot in fact. But the mind is a funny thing… and so it was that just a day or two later I found myself ordering a pair of spikes – and a few weeks later, after a Saturday of non-stop rain, I’m setting off into the hellish quagmire that is XC round 4 in Cirencester.  ...
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County Road Relays Report

SimonThe build-up to the County Road Relays followed a familiar pattern, in the shape of an email on Sunday morning from Jacky to say that Edan had injured his leg, and did anyone know of any possible replacements? Texts and emails were sent, calls were made, but the answer was ultimately no. Instead, Simon Walker stepped up to be this year’s good egg by offering to run twice. ...
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Harcourt Hill Park Run – Short League

Parkrun_32A race report in exchange for a bottle of wine, sounds like a good deal to me. And I’m pleased that this was for a particularly special type of race for me: a parkrun. So please indulge me as I’d like to reflect back on a little of my park running history. I started running again in Glasgow after several over-ambitious attempts and subsequent injuries over the years. Seeing a free weekly 5k advertised in a local magazine, I turned up for my first parkrun on 30th July 2011 feeling lost amongst hundreds of other runners....
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3Peaks – Soundbites from the ‘pro’s:

3 peaksI apologise for lack of response on tour, you know how it goes, wet stinky stuff all over the bus, trying to pull yourself into dry clothes on the move.........(Tara) Expedition 3Peaks 2015 was completed in poor weather conditions, some places were extremely hostile and later became extremely confusing in mist and low cloud! Ben Nevis had buckets of the white stuff, Scafell Pike had already become a miserable, cold bleak bad dream and Snowdon offered the occasional break in cloud, which led to gales towards the summit....
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