Club-Like Socially Distant Running

Returning to Club-Like Running Alongside Covid-19 – Please read very carefully


Dear all,


As of August 5th, we have returned to a form of club running back and on Wednesdays and depart at 18:35 from the Pavilion field in Eynsham.


Our goal is for this to be an enjoyable run for our members, a chance to connect with some of your running friends and, over time, to welcome some new ones.


It is very different from previous club-nights and we have some important expectations and guidance, for everyone’s safety, both as members of the club and members of the local community. Resuming club activity will always carry a degree of risk associated with the transmission of Covid-19 and we would like to protect you as far as is reasonably practicable.


We follow England Athletics guidance and Hugh Morris (Our Treasurer) has taken the additional responsibility as our Covid-19 Co-ordinator. Under Hugh’s lead and with full committee support we agreed a criteria for returning to a form of club running and a risk analysis and reduction plan for each of our club activities, starting with Club Night – outside version. We will update you on other activities in the near future and will be monitoring Covid-19 infection data and advice on an ongoing basis.


Thanks everyone and looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday at 18:30 at the pavilion field.


Please read carefully for:


  1. Return to running criteria
  2. Key points of how we will meet on Wednesdays
  3. Check list
  4. Example paced and guided groups of 6


Best wishes,



Club Chair


  1. Our Return to Running Criteria, which was met for our return to club like running on August 5th is:


Criteria point 1 – “Group Sizes” – More than 20 people can convene for running and per England Athletics advice. As of Aug 12th groups of 6 or unlimited can do so in a Covid secure environment.


Criteria point 2 – “Facilities” – Toilet facilities are now available, but we advise our members to arrive ready for running and with their own refreshments and hand sanitizer.


Criteria point 3 – “Venue Issues” – Confirmation with the Parish council that we are returning. Run leaders are advised to meet on the pavilion field and members advised as such as other clubs and the public use this outdoor space.


Criteria point 4 “Contact Checking” – We run in groups, each lead by a member of the club’s committee or coach, who keeps a register. This information can be used for contact tracking if needed.


Criteria point 5 “Covid-19 transmission status”– As well as England Athletics advice we are checking the local transmission status on a weekly basis and throughout we are reminding of the importance of a physical distance of 2 metres between running “social distancing” to lower the risk of transmission.



  1. The key points of how we will meet on Wednesdays are:




  • You must please register (details circulated each week to our members – if you would like to try us out we request that you please contact in the first instance). If you do not register, you cannot attend. The reason is that we will record the groups and if there is a Covid-19 diagnosis we will be able to support the track and trace process and alert our members as such.


  • When we arrive, will you please move quickly to locate in your group with your group leader.


  • We have groups running at various paces – Runs will be allocated on a first come first served basis. We will learn how to improve the process as we go and debrief regularly on what works and can improve, making adjustments for the future.


  • We ask that you meet in your group only whenever possible. There can be no intermingling of the whole group and we will be observing 2m “social distancing” at all times. This approach is devised to reduce the risk of infection and we will be leaving straight after our run.


  • If you are not well or feel you might be unwell, please don’t come along for now (I realise this is stating the obvious, it is, however, everyone’s responsibility). In addition, we are all responsible to remain away from the club if we have been in ‘at-risk’ contact with individuals diagnosed with Covid-19.


  • The groups will leave the pavilion field at 18:35 we will not be hanging about before or after at club night.


  • Please note that although the pavilion is closed, there are toilets but no changing facilities available, so arrive ready for running. There may be some footballers training and there will be a group of 5 with Marisa, at our You Can Run program.


  • We ask that you bring your own hand sanitiser with you for the run. Some routes include gates and stiles. We politely request hand washing and sanitisation immediately before and after your run. Please also bring your own drink as there will be no access to water in the Pavilion.


  • Each leader will have a phone and a first aid kit and safety pack will be located outside, near the Pavilion.


  1. In summary, Your Checklist:



  • We’re leaving from 18:35 sharp
  • If you’re feeling unwell please don’t come along for now (yes, I know you wouldn’t anyway)
  • Please arrive run-ready, hand sanitized and with your hand sanitizer  – remember the Pavilion is closed
  • We are observing social distance at all times – 2 metres or more
  • Group leaders – please remember your phones
  • The carpark might be busy so if able to arrive without a car, great!
  • Main contacts are: High Morris (Covid-19 Co-ordinator), Marina Barlow (Secretary), Simon Walker (Chair), Nick Hardwick (Deputy Chair), Ian Keeley (Coach)


  1. EXAMPLE Running groups for Wednesday evening are (all paces and distances are approximate, and the leaders will lead different routes):


Group A:        lead by Martin

Route:            Cassington loop

Distance:       6 miles

Pace:              9 minutes per mile


Groups B:      lead by Ian Keeley

Route:            Out and back along the river

Distance:        6 miles

Pace:              10 minutes per mile


Group C:        lead by Richard Hume

Route:            Two locks

Distance:        6 miles

Pace:              8 minutes per mile


Groups D:      lead by Jacky

Route:            Pink Hill

Distance:        5 miles

Pace:              9 minutes per mile


Group E:        lead by Marina

Route:            Chilbridge

Distance:       4 miles

Pace:              9 minutes 30 per mile


Group F:        lead by Nigel

Route:            Wytham

Distance:       5 miles

Pace:              9 minutes 45 per mile


Group G:        lead by Di

Route:            along the river

Distance:       5 mile

Pace:              10 minutes 30 per mile