Wytham Woods 10k Report by Xavier Laurent

Wytham woods run is a tough race, do not expect to do a 10k PB, I would say add a good 6mm on top of your normal flat 10k road.

There are lot of hills and trail all the way. This is a good race to train on for other trail running races or ultras in the mountains.

Being local I enjoy going running in the wood for my normal run during the summer and also during the winter in the darkness where you can spot wild animals looking at you in the dark night.

The race is well organised and all the marshals are very friendly. This is the second time I run it and I did better this year. I would love to get closer to 45mn and I don’t think it is impossible to do for me but there was also very fast runners with an amazing time this year so no point to chase them!

I would recommend the race to anyone either for fun or for someone with a competitive spirit. It is an hidden gem. The 10k town and Gown is a scenic race around Oxford city centre, this one is a scenic race in the local Oxfordshire woods, we have both the best world around here!!