Stratfield Brake Motavation Report by Adrian Pinnock

Stratfield Brake Motivation Run

This was not a good race for me to report on as my memories of the last time I ran it, were not good and I commented on how boring the course was, having no idea where to go or how we would get to the finish.

The view from my position was of a line of ants, disappearing into the distance going back and forth, spread out in front and disappearing, going round and round, not knowing where you were going to end up.

When I heard that Motivation was back for the final race, I thought great, but then Jacky said it was at Stratfield Brake and I thought, oh no not that again!

No disrespect to the organisers and marshals, for which we are all very grateful, but this isn’t my favourite one.

Anyway I thought at least we were running together again, and as I had done all the other virtual ERR Motivation Races, I couldn’t miss the last one.

Luckily it was a lovely summer evening to meet up with all the other Clubs and ERR members and have a proper race.

Not much to say about the race, only to say I started at the back (as it was chip timed) and I finished where I started.  So it was another year of following the ants to the finish.

Winning the wine was a bonus for all the other virtual races I did.

Roll on next year when hopefully we can complete a full series of Motivation races in person at the usual venues.

“Jacky,  now I have done my report, can you unlock the cupboard and let me have my bottle of wine as promised.”