Sri Chinmoy 2 miles Report by Tara Lawfull

A debut performance over a 2mi trip and probably safe to say my last. 

A fantastic turn out for a Monday evening race, all chasing club championship points. Running to me is like meditation you connect with your body and it allows your mind space to wander, but that definitely doesn’t include a 2mi speed work session twice round the Peace Mile track, I did laugh at the sign as I ran past it! My first lap was diabolical, my inner voice was having f-words with my outer voice, my legs felt like they were working ten to the dozen and my lungs were starved of oxygen. Simple fix, drop pace, put the shoulders back, [a good posture improves running technique] and like magic the second lap felt much better. Time flies so fast when you’re wearing a blue vest and in a heartbeat it is over. On reflection, without a doubt I prefer a longer trip, though all was forgiven with the post race picnic chat in the field with a great bunch of running buddies…