Sonning Common 10k Report by Jane Garton

It’s been almost 8 years and 600 championship miles since I last won the wine draw, but finally my losing streak has been broken!

So in my first race report since 2016, here are my reflections on the inaugural Sonning Common 10k. 

This was a late addition to the champs fixture list after the Hanney 5 was cancelled, and turned out to be a great alternative. Eleven Eynsham Roadrunners took part, and just look at all our happy faces after the run (apologies to speedy Tom Baker, who was long gone by the time this was taken). I think this picture says it all really, but feel free to read on. 

Image preview

The race is organised by and raises funds for the village primary school, where it starts and ends. Here are some of the things that stand out (i.e. all I can remember now):

  • It was really warm and muggy. Which seems strange writing this only two weeks later, shivering in four layers and a woolly hat.
  • There was a full Mr Motivator style warm up in the playground before the start. I couldn’t help noticing that some ERRs were too cool to take part in this. 
  • The run was almost all on quiet country roads wending through the Chilterns woodlands. A bit up and down, but nothing too dramatic hills-wise. A nice change of scene, and I should have enjoyed it more than I did.
  • There was a fine selection of hot and cold refreshments at the end. It was a bit early for me, but I was glad to see some ERRs take full advantage. 
  • We got prizes! Many congrats to Katherine and Ros, second and third VL60s, and to Kate D for being third LV40. Having finished well behind all of them, I was amazed and delighted to learn that I was third VL50. 
  • My happiness was complete with success at the wine draw at club a few days later. One or two people went so far as to suggest that the draw was a fix to stop my endless whingeing about never winning, but I’m sure that’s not true. 

Wine aside, well done and thanks to the race organisers and marshals for a really friendly and welcoming first event. And many thanks to the ERRs for a smashing Sunday morning out. Hope lots of us will be back at Sonning Common next year. Cheers everybody!