Out and Back 10k Report by Andy Pike

My house in Yarnton to the main Woodstock Blenheim gates measures slightly over 5km, so an obvious choice for this out & back 10km.

The route is slightly uphill on the way, but generally this gives you the chance of a gentle downhill gradient on the way back, often with the wind right behind you. Often this allows you the opportunity of a good negative split.
However, Sunday March 28th was very windy and there seemed no real benefit of a cross wind pretty much all the way. Coupled with running solo & the open expansion of the airfield where there is simply no hiding, it seemed any sub 45 opportunity was well out of the window. Indeed this was so, reaching the gate area in a hard fought 23 mins 30 seconds and returning back home in just under 24 mins. Not a time that I really wanted, but nevertheless, another virtual race to be happy about.