Woodstock 8 Results

Just as well it wasn’t the Woodstock 12, as just about everyone said, but still a tough run in that heat.

Congratulations to Laura for winning her category, and to Phil, Ros and Katherine for being placed in theirs. In addition, the ERR ladies Laura, Alison and Ros were the 3rd ladies team.


Position Time Forename Surname Also
14 52:49 Tom Baker
18 54:46 Mark Tyrrell Joker
32 60:16 Philip Hurst 3rd MV50
38 61:19 Laura Leach 1st LV35
43 62:17 Nick Sheard
57 68:39 Alison Craggs
59 69:09 Graham Bridges
69 71:09 Rosamond Hall Joker, 2nd LV55
76 73:49 Katherine Bates 3rd LV55