Winslow 10k

Winslow 10k, 22nd February 2009 A new race for everyone, and some excellent performances on what was not really a PB course. In view of this, congratulations to Julie and Elaine for their PBs, and to Katherine for getting close to hers in finishing 2nd in her category. If I’ve missed or mis-applied anyone’s joker, please let me know. Dafydd won the wine, and his report is below.
 Name  Time  Category  Also…  Club Champ Pts  Short League Pts
 Dafydd Warburton  37:59  SM    50  
 Ben Breaker  38:25  SM    49  
 Graham Bridges  40:01  MV40    48  
 Tony Whitlock  40:30  MV50  3rd MV50  47  
 Katherine Bates  44:30  FV45  Joker, 2nd FV45  2×50  
 Hugh Morris  45:12  MV50    46  
 Derek Breaker  46:02  MV50    45  
 Jackie Pinnock  46:49  FV45  Joker  2×49  
 Denise Bridges  47:43  FV35    48  
 Jane Larbalestier  50:30  FV45    47  
 Adrian Pinnock  51:00  MV50      50
 Sheila Gascoigne  51:36  FV45      50
 Jane Bishop  54:49  FV35  Joker    2×49
 Ian Keeley  55:43  MV50    44  
 Roger Gascoigne  59:08  MV50      49
 Julie Weiskrantz  59:50  FV35  PB    48
 Joan Ryan  61:20  FV55    46  
 Sandra Jinks  64:27  FV55      47
 Elaine Butler  65:49  FV35  PB    46
19 Eynsham Road Runners turned out to compete for championship points at the second Winslow Road Race. Over 300 runners laced up on this overcast and breezy morning to run a single lap of quiet rural roads through some pleasant North Bucks scenery. The course was fairly flat and fast, except for the killer hill at the 9km marker. In our Club Championship race, I fortunately managed to make it home first with Ben hot on my heals. Graham was next followed closely by Tony.  Katherine was first lady home.