Simplified club nights for Eynsham Road Runners

Hi folks,

We’ve simplified club night from next week, Wednesday May 26th, following the Step 3 England Athletics (EA) guidance, as follows:




Our goal is to give you a great running experience to all members and to welcome new members and folks trying us out.


We will continue to operate in a Covid secure environment and per EA’s guidance.


Paced running will continue in groups of 6-12, and usually towards the 6 number for the faster pace groups and towards 12 for the less-fast groups. Based on Wednesday night attendance so far, we expect groups of around 6 and 1-2 of the more popular paces being in larger groups.


No need to pre-book! Running is open to all members and to those interested in trying us out. If you’re new and would like to try us out you need to pre-register – please email


Each pace leader will take a weekly register before you leave for your run. We’ll hold the register associated with your run group for that specific day.


The register is stored in case needed if a member of your running group gets Covid and other members of your group need to be informed.


If this happens, please contact Marina Barlow (Secretary), Simon Walker (Chair), Hugh Morris (Covid-19 Co-ordinator), Nick Hardwick (Deputy Chair), Ian Keeley (Coach). 


One of the above will contact your paced running group and then we will leave it to you to get in touch with NHS Test and Trace.


The groups will depart from the field – leaving not later than 18:35 – so please be on time. Pace leaders will be there at 18:30 and will be spaced out with the slower paced groups nearer to the pavilion.


During the pandemic we’ve had zero complaints from our fellow residents of the village and roundabouts – this is great news. Understandably some folks are more nervous than others – please continue to move aside and give way to pedestrians and show the friendliness for which our club is known.


To comply with EA Covid guidance we still are not socialising before and after the run, so please do not socialise and stay in your running groups.

As usual, your pace leader will guide you out and back for your run.

Your pace leader might vary from week to week.


In terms of distance and terrain – typically 6-7 miles for the faster paces and 4-5 miles for the slower paces. Terrain wise there’s a quick chat prior to departure to decide as a group. Route wise, it will vary so best to wear trainers that run well off and on road.



Best wishes,


Simon Walker


ERR Club Chair