Henley Half Marathon Results

A rather limited ERR turnout for what was a pretty tough race, given the hilly course and warm conditions. So, in view of that, massive congratulations to Dave for setting an excellent PB.

Congratulations also to Ros, Kate and Katherine for their category ‘prizes’. Unfortunately, this is as close as they will get to any real recognition, as the organisers were too tight to even give out awards to category winners.


Position Name Net Time Also
7 Tom BAKER 1:26:00
10 David HEMPRICH-BENNETT 1:26:30 PB, Joker
46 Kate DANIELS 1:37:00 2nd FV40
76 Graham BRIDGES 1:41:06
122 Rosamond HALL 1:47:57 1st FV60
130 Katherine BATES 1:49:10 2nd FV60, Joker
191 Alison CRAGGS 1:55:36