Henley Cross Country Results

A variety of verdicts on the new course at Henley, ranging from ‘proper cross country’ to some involving words that I had better not use here. ‘Hilly’ and ‘slippery’ were among the more acceptable descriptions.

Anyway, congratulations to the ERR ladies, who finished 2nd in Division 1 on the day, and missed out on 2nd place for the season by a mere 2 points. 3rd place in Division 1 still represents a best ever for the club, so congratulations all round. The ERR men finished an excellent 3rd on the day, to be a pretty solid 6th place in Division 1 for the season. Again, a fine effort.

Individually, we salute Kate and Katherine who won their categories over the season, no mean feat, as well as Dan and Liz who were both 2nd in theirs, and Jacky, who was 3rd overall in hers.

We also welcomed young Javier Hardwick, who made his debut in club colours in the U9s.


U9 Boys/Girls

38 J Hardwick



Position Forename Surname Time Also
5 Daniel Lewis 38.05 2nd MV40
24 Mark Baker 41.00
39 Benedict Pollard 42.30
48 Nick Leach 43.18
51 Mark Tyrrell 43.41
72 David Ferrier 44.59
92 Sean Duvall 46.42
95 Tom Baker 46.50
116 Ewan Macdonald 48.45
127 Graham Bridges 49.45
131 Nick Hardwick 50.01
132 Peter Green 50.02
192 Howard Humphris 55.52
204 Mark Creasey 58.16
213 Steve Hughes 59.13
224 Colin Hancox 61.27
239 Ian Hembrow 66.38
246 Keith Baker 73.32




Position Forename Surname Time Also
4 Liz McAllister 35.51 2nd LV35
14 Laura Leach 38.24
20 Kate Allred 39.35 3rd LV45
39 Katherine Bates 43.21 1st LV55
54 Tess Evans 45.09
67 Jacky Pinnock 47.11
80 Jane Garton 49.48
81 Tara Lawfull 50.06
138 Kate Welsby 61.08