Henley Cross Country Results

Strangely dry conditions on the hilly Henley course. The ERR contingent were boosted by the first appearance of the season for Nick and Laura Leach, the first cross country race in living memory for Justin, and the return of Robert, who showed us what we’ve been missing by leading the men’s team home.

As a result, the ERR men were top of Division 2 on the day, and 2nd for the season, so a possible promotion, although none of us quite knows how that works. The ERR ladies improved to 7th in Division 1 on the day, but still finished 9th and last for the season. I think we know what happens there…

Congratulations to Alexander Daniels, who didn’t run at Henley but had still done enough to finish 3rd for the season in the U9 Boys category and to err, me, who managed to cling on the 3rd MV50 for the season.

Anyway, here are the day’s results:


U13 Girls
24 Isabel Daniels 14.32
52 Robert Storey 31.31
55 Tom Baker 31.37
58 Mark Tyrrell 31.58
61 Graham Bridges 32.02
68 Kerry Papps 32.15
90 Dafydd Warburton 33.28
92 Matt Daniels 33.29
106 Nick Sheard 34.27
110 Phil Hurst 35.00
121 Nick Leach 35.29
136 Toby Goss 36.30
144 Andy Pike 37.24
154 Owen Hughes 38.19
156 Justin Byworth 38.38
158 Nick Hardwick 38.52
191 Howard Humphris 42.31
200 Colin Hancox 43.55
213 Martin Johnson 51.38
16 Laura Leach 34.08
47 Kate Daniels 38.26
60 Anya Aspinall 40.32
100 Jacky Pinnock 45.10
114 Claire Hazleton 48.14