ERR 10 mile / 10k

ERR 10 mile/10k, 18th November 2007 Many thanks to Pete at the Queen’s head for a fantastic cooked breakfast after the race. Marie won the wine (see her race report below):
10 Milers Time Category Club Champ Pts
Chris James 59.11 MV40 2 x 50 (joker) 
Graham Bridges  62.00  MV40  49 
Nick Sheard  64.35  SM  48 
Tony Whitlock  66.10  MV50  47 
Derek Breaker  68.38  MV60  45 
Larry Poole  68.36  MV60  45 
Katherine Bates  68.55 FV45  50 
Ralf Buckenmaier  71.17  SM  2 x 44 (joker) 
Hugh Morris 71.32  MV40  43 
Kevin Dawson  71.54    42 
Kate Williamson 72.47  FV55  49 
Kevin Kavanagh  73.29  MV50  50
Jane Larbalestier 85.45  FV45  48 
Marie Rout  85.45  SF  48
Tracey Siret  87.52  FV35   
Jan Kavanagh  88.32  FV45   
Pat Whitlock  93.08  FV45  46 
Joan Ryan      
10k-ers Time  Category  Short League Pts 
Peter Larbalestier 45.44  MV50  50 
Lesley Parry-Jones  46.03  SF  2 x 50 (joker) 
Jane Bishop  62.22  FV35  49 
Roger Gascoigne  62.22  MV50  49 
Sandra Jinks 68.18  FV55  48 
Race report by Marie Rout It was a cold, windy, wet winter’s day. I awoke far too early on a Sunday morning thinking how nice it would be to stay in bed and how any ‘normal’ – dare I say ‘sensible’? – human being would take one look out the window and immediately decide not to do a 10 mile race. However, I’m an Eynsham Road Runner and I knew that there would be no backing down. Cancel a race? For a bit of rain? No chance.  So, I headed over to HQ i.e. the nearest pub and gathered with the hardcore runners in their shorts and vests. I debated whether or not to add an extra layer and decided that waterproofs, gloves and a hat might just be enough to see me through. At 10.30 we headed out into the rain and, after waiting for Jane to finish ‘faffing about’, we set off at top speed.  Doubtless the men continued at top speed along the A40, through Wytham and on to the finish line. I didn’t see them.   At the back, we ladies raced along competitively but somehow couldn’t shake our counterparts and conveniently ended up in pairs. Any other arrangement would ruin the conversation. Spurred on by the thought of a warm pub and a cooked breakfast we overcame the long stretch of the A40 (that’s a third done), almost got run over at the Woodstock roundabout by not paying attention to the cars and waving at the marshal (maybe that was just me), then a nice downhill into Wolvercote, and finally some decent scenery as we headed into Wytham, but with the dreaded hill getting ever closer.  Upon reaching the entrance to Wytham Woods, Jane and I debated which way to turn (note to organisers- we could use an extra marshal there next year, we lost valuable seconds!). Luckily we decided correctly and began the long crawl up the hill. I probably could’ve walked more quickly. Upon reaching the top came the realisation that it was plain sailing from here on. Not long until the next beer! And some chocolate digestives (yes Derek, I’ll get milk chocolate next time).  Talk of Christmas shopping made easy work of the toll bridge, then a quick hello to the two marshals at the roundabout before going on to a glorious finish. Thanks everyone for cheering. Nice hat Tony. And thanks organisers for, well, organising, particularly showers and breakfasts. Despite my original reluctance to get out of bed I actually had a rather nice morning. I think I’d do it again.