Banbury 15 Results

A glorious day for the always challenging Banbury 15 miles. Well done to Ros for winning her category, as well as Kate and, er, me for being placed in ours, although they didn’t give out prizes that far down.

No jokers that I know of, and the club champs scores have now been updated.


Position Name Time Also
22 Graham Bridges 1:44:29 3rd MV50, 1st CC MV50
49 Nick Sheard 1:54:03
76 Stan Johnston 2:03:59
81 Rosamond Hall 2:07:30 1st LV55, 1st CC LV55
87 Justin Byworth 2:08:45
90 Alison Craggs 2:09:45
99 Owen Hughes 2:12:03
103 Jane Garton 2:14:23
111 Kate Williamson 2:18:53 2nd LV65, 2nd CC LV65
126 Tara Lawfull 2:26:55