White Horse Half Marathon Results

A fine ERR turnout at the White Horse Half Marathon, with some excellent performances in the favourable conditions. Well done to Sean for leading us home in a PB time, to Liz for finishing 2nd lady overall, to Kate W for winning her category (naturally), to Richard for his PB (by 1 second, but still counts), and to Toby for his debut at the distance. There were also some team honours, although these were complicated by the fact that Robert apparently didn't declare his club as Eynsham but did tick the County Championship box. So, the ERR men were 3rd team overall but 2nd in the County Championship, while the ERR ladies team of Liz, Kate and Marie were 2nd overall and in the County Championship. No jokers were played that I know of, but let me know if there were any other PBs.
Position Name Time Also CC Pts
11 Sean Duvall 1:21:45 PB 50
16 Robert Storey 1:23:24 1st MV50, CC 1st MV50 49
17 Mark Baker 1:23:37 48
23 Christopher Williams 1:24:41 47
33 Richard Hume 1:27:41 PB 46
42 Liz McAllister 1:28:59 1st LV35, CC 1st Lady 50
54 Mark Schofield 1:31:14 45
67 Tom Baker 1:34:04 44
70 Simon Walker 1:34:41 43
76 Nick Hardwick 1:36:08 42
90 Kate Allred 1:37:42  3rd LV45, CC 2nd LV45 49
93 Marie Chuilon 1:38:03 48
127 Arthur McEwan-James 1:41:25 41
147 Ant Green 1:42:47 40
152 Andy Egan 1:43:06 39
204 Tristan Hale 1:49:06 38
218 Graham Bridges 1:50:36 37
219 Toby Goss 1:50:45 Debut 36
226 Kate Williamson 1:51:24 1st LV65, CC 1st LV65 47
300 Colin Hancox 1:59:09 35
316 Charmian Maskell 2:01:33 46
322 David Early 2:01:36 34
338 Kiri Weller 2:03:52 45
341 Ben Jones 2:04:10 33
346 Caroline Ogden 2:05:27 44
382 Paul Creasey 2:10:58 32
419 Jessica Deguara 2:19:21 43
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Maidenhead 10 mile Results

Injuries, illnesses and various other factors meant for a limited ERR turnout at a frankly overcrowded Maidenhead 10 on Good Friday morning, which in turn led to a bit of a joker-fest. Well done to Richard for his excellent PB (and well played joker). If I've missed any PBs, please let me know.
Position Forename Surname Chip Time Also CC Pts
82 Robert Storey 01:01:09 50
199 Richard Hume 01:06:50 PB, Joker 2x49
215 Benedict Pollard 01:08:23 48
309 Nick Hardwick 01:11:56 47
318 Mark Schofield 01:12:19 46
407 Ant Green 01:15:45 45
483 Graham Bridges 01:18:32 44
718 Tara Lawfull 01:27:01 Debut, Joker 2x50
766 Alison Craggs 01:28:50 Joker 2x49
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Cross Country: 2017/2018 season report

INTRO ... The Oxfordshire XC League drew to a close at the Swindon race in February, after the snowy weather forced cancellation of our home Farmoor fixture in March. As such, the season prizewinners and team positions were based upon the first four scheduled events (Newbury, Carterton, Adderbury, Swindon). Eynsham XC has been on an upward trajectory, in incremental steps, over the past five years, based on committed efforts of many runners in both the team events, as well as individual categories, and in overall 'getting muddy'!   THE LADIES STEAL THE SHOW! The highlight of the season was undoubtedly the amazing performance of the Ladies' team, under the leadership of Jacky Pinnock. With Hannah Hale running all 4 races, and the excellence of Liz McAllister at three events, meant the spine of the team was very strong indeed, both of these runners eventually being selected to represent Oxfordshire in the Inter-Counties XC in March. I believe this is the first time in club history, that we have had two runners selected for the same county-level XC team. The Ladies' team finished top of Division 2 and remarkably were the THIRD best team overall of the entire competition of 38 teams, with Newbury A runaway winners with an astonishing season score of just 36. White Horse Harriers were 2nd on 241, and Eynsham just behind on 255, finishing ahead of all of Newbury B, Oxford City, Radley, Abingdon, Headington, Woodstock, Alchester, Witney, Didcot, Banbury,Team Kennet, Highworth, Cherwell, Kidlington, Hook Norton. To put this in some perspective some of those teams (e.g. Headington, Alchester) feature age-group running internationals! Eynsham Ladies will gain promotion to Division 1. Whilst it's hard to presently see anyone catching Newbury's whippets, perhaps the Ladies might aim for runner's up for next season!? Whilst Hannah (SL) and Liz (LV35) were the undoubted stars, both finishing runner's up in their respective categories for the season, special mention also goes to Laura Leach, Kate Allred and Katherine Bates who all also scored for the team and contributed to this marvellous performance. Well done all of you. It is also worth noting that Eynsham B finished ahead of Witney B and were only just behind Alchester B. The mainstays of this team were Tess Evans, Jacky Pinnock and Katherine Bates, who also represented the A team as well, reflected by her being Eynsham's richly-deserved individual category winner, as LV55 Champion for the season. The season started off with a superb turnout of 14 Ladies at Newbury, although this inexplicably shrunk to just a hardy quintet by the time Swindon came around! But well done to everyone who raced, including, inaddition to those mentioned above: Jane Whitlock, Ali Berrett, Cecilia Dahlsjo, Tara Lawfull, Anna Mackin, Jane Garton and in particular Florence Storey who made her debut. Hopefully we'll see more 100%ers next season, or even 60% or 80%ers! INDIVIDUAL PRIZEWINNERS - OXFORDSHIRE CROSS COUNTRY LEAGUE HANNAH HALE - 2nd SL, selected for Oxfordshire for the Inter-Counties team LIZ McALLISTER - 2d LV35, selected for Oxfordshire for the Inter-Counties team KATHERINE BATES - LV55 CHAMPION LADIES' TEAM - DIV. 2 CHAMPIONS   ... AND WHAT ABOUT THE MEN? Eynsham A team retained (for the first time) our Division 1 status by finishing 6th overall on 1405 points, just 7 pts behind Alchester and only 127 pts behind the very strong Headington. To put this in perspective, the team scored their best ever points total for a race (265 at Carterton) which was 3rd on the day, just 2 pts behind Abingdon, who have an assortment of extremely fast young runners ... and our 1405 season total was more than 1000 (one thousand) points ahead of Witney, who were 7th. So we are much closer to the business-end nowadays. Let's make big gains next season then chaps! The season was certainly marked by injuries and illness to a few key runners, but it was great to have Robert Storey back in the team, running all four races and taking home the 2nd V50 prize for the season, Dan Lewis stormed back on form with a superb 5th place at Swindon and 2nd V40 for the season, with Jon Cox securing an impressive 4th V40 for the season. Honourable mention also to ever-present Mark Creasey taking 5th V60 for the season (555 pts), not that far behind 3rd (520 pts). We also welcomed Tom Weller, debuting for the team, undoubtedly helping secure us valuable points amongst a very strong 'pressing midfield' along with Sean Duvall, Dafydd Warburton, Pete Green, myself, Dave Ferrier, Arthur McEwan-James and Graham Bridges. The strength in depth is palpable amongst the Men, with Arthur McEwan-James hitting the top 100 for the first time, pushing his way into the A team, and a heart of B teamers always solid: Richard Hume, Nick Leach, Tom Baker, Ewan MacDonald, Nick Hardwick. Keep training and break your way into the A team, I say! We were seemingly a little bit down on some of our other regulars, but Keith Baker showed us how to do it, with 4 out of 4 races completed, and Howard Humphris ran 3. No doubt illness and injury played its part for some, but a certain highlight was to have Martin Johnson out running again, at Adderbury. INDIVIDUAL PRIZEWINNERS - OXFORDSHIRE CROSS COUNTRY LEAGUE DAN LEWIS - 2nd VM40 ROBERT STOREY - 2d MV50   SOUTH OF ENGLAND MASTERS XC CHAMPS Dan Lewis (14th), Robert Storey (33rd) and Benedict Pollard (41st) made up the ERR V40+ team at the SEAA Masters Champs held at Horspath on Saturday December 9th on a bright but chilly day. Graham Bridges (67) also competed, and our team finished a superb 6th out of 17, ahead of such luminaries as Peterborough AC, London Heathside AC, Headington RR, Southampton AC (with a commuter belt catchment area of 1.5 million people !), Aldershot Farnham and District AC (!!!), City of Norwich AC, Newbury AC, Crawley AC, Leighton Buzzard AC. I think that's quite a remarkable achievement, and I hope next season we will field a team again, perhaps even enough for two teams, seeing as we are replete with so many strong veterans!   SOUTH OF ENGLAND MAIN CHAMPS Although several of us signed up for this, which was held in Brighton in late January, in the end circumstances dictated that we ended up not competing. However the opportunity remains for next season.   CHILTERN LEAGUE XC A few hardy souls competed in this league, albeit on a slightly lower level than last year. Katherine did very well again, I believe scoring a podium finish at one of the events, proving herself regionally excellent, as well as in the counties closer to home. We may need to up the entry cost per runner next season depending on perceived interest from within the club. I feel it still remains a good thing to have as an option and certainly good training for the main Oxfordshire League. I am still trying to find out who ran as me at Milton Keynes?! Any ideas ... on a postcard please.   TENT TROUBLE ... Whilst our winter was mostly positive, setting up the tent proved more difficult that it ought to have done, with some of us having to sheepishly loiter around Woodstock's palatial encampment at Adderbury and Swindon when the delegation of tent duties seemed beyond the scope of certain unnamed individual veteran Men! Perhaps next season I shall reassume the mantle once again, but the whole idea of delegation is to successfully spread the workload around, not make it worse ... having said that, this afforded us the opportunity to confirm that Woodstock were and remain a very friendly bunch, and clearly prove that camping chairs and table, with hot drink stalls are a very cosy and inviting setting for midwinter races! Silver linings, and all that.   SPIKES OR TRAIL SHOES? Many were saying trail shoes were the order of the day at Carterton, and indeed that was the official proclamation of the League Management on their web page the day before. But then again, seeing as there were no toilets provided, perhaps the information needed to be more carefully scrutinised. I for one had a horrible race at Carterton, which I promptly blamed on having heavy mud-caked trail shoes, instead of swift, light-footed spiked shoes. Or then again it could have been that I compounded the situation by doing my first tough personal training session in the gym the day before, whereupon Sunday morning I literally couldn't get out of bed on account of sore muscles (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness - DOMS). Who knew this was a bad strategy? I for one, now do! Fortunately we were on full-strength and the team did brilliantly without me in it! In fact, running the Witney parkrun last weekend demonstrated again that spikes are fine, even with stretches of tarmac, once you are familiar with the slightly weird feeling. They more than make up for any awkwardness on the hardstanding, when you're ploughing through the mud and squelch, overtaking people at will !   THE FARMOOR FIXTURE The committee and League have agreed that we won't be hosting a XC event next season at Farmoor, largely on account of the unsuitability of the parking areas, especially given the unhelpfully-timed deluges of rain and snow we had in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Perhaps for the 2019/2020 season things can be reviewed, but I just wanted to make a final note of appreciation here, to all the many of you who helped towards these events the past two years.   FINAL COMMENTS I have now written out my own running goals and the process by which I intend to achieve them for this year, and I hope that we can all nurture and encourage ourselves and each other to be fitter and healthier through 2018 and beyond, whatever your personal running aims and goals might be. One of my favourite moments of the season was the bank of about 15 ERR men being able to cheer on ALL of the Ladies at the Carterton XC, where the course was cleverly designed so the route ran right by the club tent area several times. So, this is just to finish by saying that I find it really motivating to see all you Eynsham RRs at the XC, whatever your pace, and whatever you are doing (racing, just getting round, keeping your fitness up, supporting, driving, chitchatting, providing cakes, joking around!) - so do consider joining in, especially if it's new to you or you don't often take part, as it really is a social occasion too, and a fillip to many through the winter skies. Another great season, so lets just have more of you getting stuck in next year!   Benedict Pollard Men's Captain P.S. Keep an eye out for the XC prize-giving notice, in the next month or so. P.P.S. If I have missed anything glaring in the report, let me know and I can update.  ...
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Club XC Championship Results

INTRO As winter seemingly throws it's last gasp toward us, another XC season finally draws to a close. Except that any of us running parkruns recently might take a different view on that, as they all seem to have morphed into muddy wet XC courses at the moment! The 2017/2018 Oxfordshire XC League season again started at the relatively benign Newbury course, followed by a hastily convened flattish course at Carterton, the dual event of the County Championships at a slightly more testing Adderbury, and the eventual finale on a muddy hilly 'proper XC' course at Swindon, which many of us enjoyed particularly. A fine season was had in the League, despite the unavoidable cancellation of the home Farmoor fixture, on account of the so-called 'Beast from the East' and the club had some tremendous individual and team results and prizes, which will be posted on the website separately. This present report reflects on the efforts of all runners in the ERR club XC Championship, which highlights and rewards merit based on both attendance and improvement.   SCORING AND PARTICIPATING The Eynsham XC Championship is designed to reward improvement on the previous season (or from the start of the current season for new members). This year we incorporated two changes to the scoring system. Firstly a difficulty rating was calculated for all of the courses to assist with calculating the 'base pace' (or handicap) more fairly, and scores are now calculated by percentage improvement on your 'handicap' base pace, rather than by absolute minutes and seconds. Again this makes the system fairer. The best 3 of 4 races counted, meaning anyone who ran at least 3 could qualify. In a 5 season race, it will be the best 4 races to score. So, firstly, well done to all the 43 ERRs who raced this season. Another fine turnout from the club. I know I enjoyed being part of it, and I really hope we'll see more members next year. One idea being mooted is to make the club tent area even more social and inviting, by having tea and coffee urns, and the odd camping chair or three! The club were hugely successful at the competitive end of the Oxfordshire League this season too, and those many prizes and achievements will be posted separately. With regards the 2017/2018 Club XC Championships, congratulations are extended to Nick and Laura Leach who were Men's and Ladies' XC Champs respectively, with Nick taking the overall title. Pete Green was Men's runner up, with Tom Baker taking 3rd place. Tess Evans was the Ladies' runner-up, and Alison Craggs taking 3rd place. This system really does reflect improvement so well done to all of our prize-winners, but also those others who came close. Don't be downhearted if you're closer to the bottom of the table - 'tis only a symptom that you can remedy by running more races next season! Special mention goes to those who ran all 4 races (the 100%ers). XC is as much a social gathering as anything else, and it makes a big difference on many levels to see people there, race in, race out. 100% commitment awards will therefore be presented to the following: Nick Leach, Tom Baker, Katherine Bates, Dan Lewis, Graham Bridges, Mark Creasey, Robert Storey, Keith Baker, Dave Ferrier, Hannah Hale and Benedict Pollard. Can we get up to 20 100%ers next season??   ERR CLUB XC CHAMPIONSHIP TABLE
Nick Leach M 4 199 150 OVERALL & MEN'S CHAMPION  YES
Laura Leach F 3 144 144 LADIES' CHAMPION  
Peter Green M 3 144 144 2nd MEN  
Tess Evans F 3 140 140 2nd LADIES  
Tom Baker M 4 171 137 3rd MEN  YES
Alison Craggs F 3 135 135 3rd LADIES  
Katherine Bates F 4 162 128    YES
Jane Garton F 3 119 119
Arthur McEwan-James M 3 118 118
Ewan MacDonald M 3 115 115
Liz McAllister F 3 114 114
Dan Lewis M 4 135 108    YES
Dafydd Warburton M 3 107 107
Graham Bridges M 4 135 105    YES
Jacky Pinnock F 3 101 101
Howard Humphris M 3 99 99
Mark Creasey M 4 120 98    YES
Robert Storey M 4 121 98    YES
Jon Cox M 3 95 95
Keith Baker M 4 111 95    YES
Dave Ferrier M 4 106 91    YES
Hannah Hale F 4 107 90    YES
Richard Hume M 2 90 90
Florence Storey F 2 86 86
Kate Allred F 2 82 82
Nick Hardwick M 3 82 82
Benedict Pollard M 4 95 81    YES
Mark Baker M 2 77 77
Tara Lawfull F 2 76 76
Tom Weller M 2 72 72
Cecilia Dahlsjo F 2 69 69
Owen Hughes M 2 59 59
Tony Whitlock M 2 58 58
Sean Duvall M 1 47 47
Simon Walker M 1 44 44
Tristan Hale M 2 44 44
Jane Whitlock F 1 42 42
Anna Mackin F 1 39 39
Derek Breaker M 1 38 38
Alison Berrett F 1 33 33
Martin Johnson M 1 33 33
Stan Johnston M 1 32 32
Steve Butler M 1 29 29
  FINAL WORD - BRINGING THE CLUB TOGETHER As the club has grown from strength to strength in recent years, more and more members have joined up from towns and villages outside of Eynsham's immediate environs (perhaps we could informally call those our satellite runners, of which I am now one, being a temporary Swinbrookian !). This speaks healthily as to both the sociability and competitive aspects of this fine club, and it is wonderful that the club is extending its welcome outwards in this way, as much as it is to see so many runners seeing the quality of Eynsham as a home club and runners' destination. It is also noticeable to those of us who run XC, just how many of our 'satellite runners' do regularly race XC but might perhaps not be regulars on our main club night on a Wednesday. The club would love to see the 'satellites' in Eynsham on a Wednesday evening from time to time, and hope you can make it along occasionally, especially now that the summer running hours are with us, and we explore some of the more inspiring tracks and trails around the countryside. Remember also that Ian Keeley runs a great speedwork session every Tuesday, meeting at 6:30pm at the Chilbridge roundabout (see his recent email for more details on that, and his regular updates). I for one will be committing to that more this year, as I know from experience it's value as very knowledgeable training and coaching. There's also the increasingly well-attended Sunday Long Runs, meeting at 9am from the Back Lane car park, Eynsham, where folks will do anything from a shorter 5 or 6 up to the 18-20+ miles for marathon trainees and others. This is equally an invitation to all those Wednesday club regulars to come along to one or two (or all!!) of the cross country fixtures next season, meet some of the other club members you may not know, and help make XC more like a club Wednesday gathering too! So,who's going to offer to help with tea and coffee by the club tent at the Newbury fixture in November and help keep us warm and chatty?  I have a fine camping chair I'll bring ... Volunteers do get in touch with me ... So, here's wishing you all a healthy and fit year full of achievement and encouragement out on the roads, track or the trails. Get yourself along to the Club Champs and Grand Prix fixtures, and remember to get your motavation forms in to Roger Gascoigne this week! There will be a XC prize-giving in the next month or so, so keep your eyes out for further announcements. Best, Benedict Pollard Men's Captain. April 2nd 2018      ...
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Winslow 10k Results

Pretty challenging conditions at the undulating Winslow course - both cold and windy. So all the more congratulations to Richard for breaking the magic 40 minute barrier, and to Katherine for winning her category. A modest ERR turnout meant quite a few jokers were played. If I missed yours, or a PB, please let me know. Update (28/2): Both Rachel and Jessica also set PBs, so congratulations to them as well.  
Position Name Time Also CC Pts
15 Dafydd Warburton 38.55 50
16 Chris Williams 38.58 49
25 Richard Hume 39.56 PB 48
31 Arthur McEwan-James 40.52 47
33 Graham Bridges 41.10 46
75 Katherine Bates 44.32 1st LV55, Joker 2x50
130 Colin Hancox 49.12 Joker 2x45
139 Kate Williamson 49.40 Joker 2x49
152 Tara Lawfull 51.01 48
164 Alison Craggs 51.43 47
166 Jane Garton 51.46 46
168 Rachel Green 51.52 PB 45
246 Paul Creasey 58.21 Joker 2x44
257 Ali Berrett 59.02 44
259 Jessica Deguara 59.05 PB 43
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Swindon Cross Country Results

Another excellent performance by both ERR teams at a very testing course at Swindon (well, it tested me). Well done to Dan for his 5th place overall, and also to Laura for another fine effort to again finish as Eynsham's 3rd lady. On the day, the ERR men were 4th in Division 1, leaving them 6th for the season, while the ERR ladies finished top of Division 2 again, where they also remain for the season, with a score that would put them 3rd in the league overall. With one match remaining, our home fixture at Hill End, both ERR teams look well set for 'best ever' performances (not so subtle hint).  
Position Forename Surname Time
5 Daniel Lewis 33.12
21 Jon Cox 35.42
49 Sean Duvall 37.04
50 Robert Storey 37.04
58 Benedict Pollard 37.27
74 Tom Weller 38.43
85 David Ferrier 39.16
90 Arthur McEwan-James 39.31
104 Graham Bridges 40.26
110 Richard Hume 40.52
115 Nick Leach 41.13
128 Ewan Macdonald 42.17
131 Tom Baker 42.31
136 Nick Hardwick 42.53
171 Mark Creasey 46.47
181 Howard Humphris 48.20
213 Keith Baker 56.08
Position Forename Surname Time
6 Liz McAllister 28.01
9 Hannah Hale 28.19
38 Laura Leach 32.04
56 Katherine Bates 33.17
105 Alison Craggs 39.32
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Adderbury Cross Country Results

A slightly depleted ERR turn-out at Adderbury still saw a decent showing from both the men's and women's teams. On the day the ERR men were 6th in Division 1, leaving them 5th for the season, while the ERR women were 2nd in Division 2 on the day, but still top for the season so far. Also, in case anyone had forgotten, it was the first fixture in the 2018 Club Championship, but I'm not aware of any jokers that were played.  
Position Forename Surname Time Also CC Pts
27 Daniel Lewis 35.08 50
45 Robert Storey 36.12 49
56 Benedict Pollard 36.30 48
61 Dafydd Warburton 36.48 47
89 Peter Green 38.17 46
101 Graham Bridges 38.57 45
110 David Ferrier 39.25 44
117 Arthur McEwan-James 39.44 43
145 Nick Leach 41.10 42
146 Tom Baker 41.13 41
168 Ewan Macdonald 42.36 40
178 Owen Hughes 43.04 39
207 Mark Creasey 44.40 38
241 Tristan Hale 47.31 37
259 Howard Humphris 49.31 36
268 Martin Johnson 51.24 35
278 Keith Baker 54.32 34
Position Forename Surname Time Also CC Pts
7 Hannah Hale 26.28 50
10 Liz McAllister 26.45 49
58 Laura Leach 31.12 48
60 Katherine Bates 31.16 1st LV55 47
69 Tess Evans 31.41 46
107 Jacky Pinnock 34.09 45
109 Jane Garton 34.21 44
158 Florence Storey 38.51 43
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Carterton Cross Country Results

Thanks to all the ERR club members who volunteered to help out at Carterton and thus help the fixture to take place at all. Having done that, we also did well in the competitive side of things, with the men's team finishing 3 in Division 1 on the day, and now for the season so far. The ladies also finished 2nd on Division 2 on the day, and still top for the season so far (and in fact would be second in Division 1). Here are the individual ERR results:
Position Forename Surname Time Also
7 Daniel Lewis 31.45 2nd MV40
14 Mark Baker 32.38
20 Jon Cox 33.07
23 Robert Storey 33.12 2nd MV50
51 Dafydd Warburton 34.55
60 Peter Green 35.24
90 Benedict Pollard 36.59
91 David Ferrier 37.01
96 Graham Bridges 37.08
112 Tom Baker 37.57
117 Richard Hume 38.17
120 Nick Leach 38.22
131 Arthur McEwan-James 38.57
145 Nick Hardwick 39.42
159 Stanley Johnston 40.48
176 Mark Creasey 42.11
203 Tony Whitlock 46.02
205 Howard Humphris 47.09
213 Keith Baker 50.15
4 Hannah Hale 26.18 2nd SL
31 Kate Allred 29.44
32 Katherine Bates 29.48 1st LV55
53 Tess Evans 31.28
67 Jacky Pinnock 33.08
73 Jane Garton 33.38
75 Cecilia Dahlsjo 33.45
83 Tara Lawfull 34.24
85 Alison Craggs 34.46
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Eynsham 10k, Club Results

Position Name Time Also
12 Daniel LEWIS 34:09 2nd MV40, 2nd CC MV40, MV40 Club Record
21 Robert STOREY 35:41 2nd MV50, 2nd CC MV50
47 Sean DUVALL 37:42
54 Tom WELLER 37:59
84 Hannah HALE 39:19 2nd SL, 1st CC SL
95 Liz MCALLISTER 39:32 2nd CC LV35, LV35 Club Record
139 Carly PETTETT 41:18 PB, 3rd CC SL
175 Finn SHEARD 42:34 Debut
287 Andy EGAN 47:27
308 Noah SHEARD 48:08 Debut
328 Jane GARTON 48:59
462 Tara HUMPHRIS 55:52
557 Marc BERRETT 63:38
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ERR Breakfast Run Results

Thanks to everyone who helped out as well as those who ran today. The feedback on the course was positive, as was that for the breakfast. For those who said 'at least Barry Cornelius wasn't there', Dan was, and took pictures at the turn point, which can be seen on Facebook. Quite a few jokers were played, but let me know if I've missed any.
Position Name Time Also CC Pts
1 Mark Baker 36.16 50
2 Robert Storey 36.36 49
3 Dafydd Warburton 39.08 48
4 Chris Williams 40.24 47
5 Graham Bridges 41.06 46
6 Richard Hume 41.10 45
7 Simon Walker 41.19 44
8 Arthur McEwan-James 41.23 43
9 Hannah Hale 42.08 50
10 Tom Baker 42.39 42
11 Ant Green 43.59 41
12 Nick Hardwick 44.00 40
13 Stan Johnston 44.23 39
14 Steve Evins 45.00
15 Katherine Bates 45.03 49
16 Kate Allred 45.14 48
17 Mark Creasey 45.24 Joker 2x38
18 Andy Egan 47.22 37
19 Tony Whitlock 49.31 Joker 2x36
20 Steve Butler 49.37 Joker 2x35
21 Jacky Pinnock 50.07 47
22 Jane Garton 50.20 46
23 Rebecca Evins 51.08 45
24 Alison Craggs 51.19 Joker 2x44
25 Howard Humphris 53.17 34
26 Sallie Burrough 54.00 43
27 Ian Hembrow 54.33 33
28 Tara Lawfull 55.45 42
29 Caroline Ogden 55.46 41
30 Rachel Green 56.15 40
31 John Wilcox 56.36 32
32 Keith Baker 57.14 31
33 Paul Creasey 61.21 Joker 2x30
34 Adrian Pinnock 62.10 29
35 Ian Spencer 62.10 28
36 Diane Hubbert 69.37 39
37 Sam Harrison 69.37 38
38 Kiri Weller 69.37 37
39 Colin Hancox 70.28 27
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