New Members – current programme

Interested in joining Eynsham Roadrunners?

We hope to be able to return to normal soon after March 29th, and you can find out what we usually get up to at our New Members’ Q&As. In the meantime, you can get involved in our virtual events. To register your interest or to let us know you’re taking part, please email us at We’ll request your details, preferably on this form, so we can keep you in the loop. We really hope you’ll join us, but there’s no need to commit until you’ve had a chance to come to our club nights etc. when normal activities resume.

Virtual Running Programme

SaturdayEvery Saturday at 9am is our Virtual Parkrun   Run a 5km route of your choice and post your time to the ERR Strava group or send it to Results are posted on Saturday night.  
MondayMonday evening is Pilates for Runners LIVE with Frankie Snare. See this document for further details. 
Tuesday  Tuesday is Speed Training.  
Wednesday  Wednesday evening is club night, and we plan to return to in person paced running in groups of 6 soon.
Thursday  During the summer we enjoy the Motavation racing series (the last Thursday of the month Apr-Aug), a couple might remain virtual in 2021.

Simply run a 4-mile circuit, picking a route close to you that is similar to the actual course.
There’s a spot prize of a bottle of wine, in return for a race report. There will also be bottles of wine for the fastest runner and for the most improved runner at the end of the series.  

How do I let you know I have taken part in a virtual run?

Please email us first at to let us know you’re taking part and are thinking of joining our club. Then request to join the ERR Strava group and post your runs on Strava. If you aren’t on Strava, just email your time to us and then check out the Results page.

Please stay safe, don’t take unnecessary risks and follow the social distancing rules.

Do I have to do all of the above sessions?

No. We will be glad to see you whenever you are able to make it. And remember that some of our sessions like the How Far Challenge and Motavations are monthly and can be run at any time on those days. The Virtual Speed Training can be done any day of the week.

How much does it cost to join?

We appreciate that lots of people have concerns over finances at this difficult time. We want to help bring the communities of Eynsham and the surrounding villages and towns together and we’re happy for you to try a few sessions before joining. We may request your details though for taking part in our virtual member events, etc. Details on subs are here.

Sounds great. When can I start?

Right away! For more information and to let us know you’re taking part, please email us at

Don’t forget to request to join ERR on Strava and head to the ERR Facebook page to see some of the lovely pictures club members have taken on their runs.

And see our New Members’ Q&As to find out what we usually get up to.

We look forward to welcoming you to our club.

“One day or day one? You decide.”