Hooky 6 Report by Nadine Hunter

Inspired by Graham Bridges t shirt “I might be old but I saw all the best bands” (or similar!), I’ll borrow from the Style Council as the “Long Hot Summer” continues. 

16 ERR members braved the heat for the return of the Hooky 6, and yes it was hot and yes it was long….and undulating! Whilst 80m elevation may not seem a lot compared to other recent races the lack of any real flat stretch made it difficult to maintain a steady cadence, compounded by very few shady areas! A double loop always fills me with joy, but it did allow for lots of supporting spectators and some great marshalling doling out all the encouragement.

For any beer lovers this is a race well worth entering, spot prizes in the form of Hook Norton beer as well as for the winners of the various categories.

Congratulations to the category winners, Graham Bridges MV50; Kate Allred LV45; I was delighted to win LV55; and also to Tom Baker 3rd in SM, 5th overall and Queenie for a fabulous 2nd for LV65.

It was long, it was very hot, one of the favourites for the Summer running season!