ERR Wytham Woods July Motavation Report by Gail Morris

The Keeleys were on holiday so Hugh elected to time keep to avoid running the hills! 

It did mean though that we were given the secret code to the gate so we could drive up the hill to the chalet.  This was especially welcome as my pre-race training had been an ERR walk led by Mark at breakneck speed around Chilbrige the evening before!  I set off in the select company of Kate, Adrian and Martin.  The route was in reverse this time so we had the big downhill first.  I don’t know how Adrian runs downhill so fast.  Perfect conditions for running no wind, not too hot and a relatively short, sharp uphill stretch up the sheep field.  Thanks to Sheila who took photos of us running back up the track (though I think she could have airbrushed mine a bit better) and a short stretch back to the Chalet to the welcome support from all the other ERR runners who had finished.  I much preferred the route this way round though I’m sure some of you will disagree.  Thanks to all the marshals and organisers for putting this race on.