ERR Virtual Parkrun Report by Graham Bridges

The virtual parkrun has become almost as much of a ritual as the real one used to be for some of us, although unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to claim any of them in my quest to reach the elusive 250 runs.

The most memorable of the 5 virtuals that I’ve done was for the wrong reasons, and serves as a good lesson in trying to be too clever, something I should have learned years ago. Basically, it was a cool, windy morning, and I thought my best chance of a wind-assisted fast time, away from anyone else, was to head for South Leigh, and keep heading west. The trouble with that, as I soon realised, was that 5k west from South Leigh would pretty much take me into Witney, and would mean a long trudge back home into the wind. I gave up on the idea about 2 miles in, and the time was already looking pretty lousy, tailwind or otherwise. As it was, my run back was still 3 miles, and long enough for some people to think that it was my actual parkrun effort. It was only marginally slower, in any case.

Anyway, lessons learned, and all that, and enough of my tales of woe. Here are some numbers on the first 5 weeks of the ERR Virtual Parkrun.

Total number of runs recorded: 222

Most number of runs in a given week: 52 (weeks 3 and 4)

Number of different people registering a run: 69

Top 5 Age Graded Scores Women:

1st Kate Allred 87.42

2nd Kate Williamson 82.84

3rd Liz McAllister 75.81

4th Sheila Gascoigne 71.65

5th Jacky Pinnock 69.35

Top 5 Age Graded Scores Men:

1st Mark Tyrrell 78.48

2nd Dafydd Warburton 74.97

3rd Benedict Pollard 73.03

4th Graham Bridges 71.43

5th Matt Thomas 70.66