ERR 1 Hour Challenge Report by Adrian Pinnock

Having just acquired a TomTom (thanks Becky) and having worked out how to operate it, I have become a little bit more competitive with myself, trying to achieve a bit more each time, not sure how much longer that will last.

This was my 7th Hour Long Challenge and probably the hardest one, but as I had completed the others 6, felt committed to do the final challenge.

It was a lovely sunny morning and my route took me down Pink Hill lane, then onto Steadys Lane up to Stanton Harcourt junction and back towards the River. Had a lovely walk back along the river and Pink Hill.

It’s been quite interesting following other Eynsham runners are achieving on Strava (which is all new to me) and has helped to keep me motivated to go out more often.

Having done all 7 of the Hour Long Challenges and 5 Motivations, receiving the bottle of wine was a bonus for all my efforts. Cheers.