Combe 2 Motavation Report by Andy Pike

Combe Motavation II run – a short blog about my race.

Every year of the Combe 2 Motavation, each of the 2 separate laps with a large hill are waiting patiently for you.

After a very swift downhill descent, where your legs feel they want to run away without your body, the ascent starts and continues upwards for the next very taxing 0.8 of a mile.

Once again, strategically placed like last year, towards the top part of the hill was Nigel’s big gaping smile. His motivational words and laughter eagerly awaiting our faces of pain and torture. Leigh not far away and also on the hill, provides extra backup support just in case any ERR runner starts to flag.

Nigel’s words of encouragement echo meaningfully in the ears but gain little response as we shuffle past. All you can do in this part of the run is grimace and grunt back to him.

Together with the increased fatigue and pain, the 2nd lap brings a sense of big relief. It is the last climb of the race and we feel fortunate we havn’t got to be inspired by Nigel’s uplifting support and smiley laughter once again.

Having run for many years, I love Combe 2, almost as much as Nigel’s motivational words and laughter.