Club Championship Races

Here are the club fixtures for 2019:

Date Location Distance
Sun 6 January Cross Country (Horspath) ~6 miles/~4 miles
Sun 24 February Wokingham Half Marathon
Sun 17 March Banbury 15 miles
Sun 7 April White Horse Half Marathon
Thu 2 May Charlton Motavation ~4 miles
Mon 6 May Chalgrove 10k
Thu 30 May Bletchingdon Motavation ~4 miles
Sun 9 June Chiltern Chase 10k
Thu 27 June Combe Motavation ~4 miles
Sun 30 June Thame 10k
Wed 17 July Waddesdon 5k
Sat 20 July Hornton 6 miles
Sun 4 August Hook Norton 6 miles
Thu 29 August Oxford Motavation ~4 miles
Sat 7 September Witney (Cotswold Classic) 10 miles
Sat 14 September Woodstock 12 miles
Sun 27 October Ascott 10k
Sun 17 November Eynsham 6 miles
Sat 7 December Harcourt Hill Park Run 5k

A calendar format view of the 2019 club fixtures can be found here.

The list of Grand Prix and County Championship races for 2019 can be found here.