Bourton Half Marathon Report by Alison Craggs

I loved this race because

1. Of the different start.  The race starts from Greystones Farm, there’s tractors and farm animals.  You can even pick up a bottle of fresh milk from their Gloucester and Friesan cows.

2.  Originally the “Humph Hilly Half” it’s all on road, has two major climbs and because of that fantastic views.

3. It’s a small event.  The total number of runners was only 108, with just 5 from our club.  Jane and I decided to run together.  We’d both been out to events the night before, but this race was in the Club Champs so was a must.  Robert, Graham and Nick also competed and picked up lots of points.

4.  At the finish you receive a biodegradable seed medal, which after I wore it, I planted and am looking forward to some lovely wildflowers.

5.  There was also a prize draw – you simply took your race number off and popped it in the bucket.  They did the prize draw after the age category prizes, which meant that everyone stayed.  It was good that we did cos I won the wine.  That was the first bottle.  I’ve now won the second.  Hence why I liked this race so much!