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Maidenhead 10 miles Report, by Nick Hardwick


Maidenhead 10 – Friday 30th March 2018

  A new race for me personally and after some child minding juggling was off with a full van load of other keen early rises. The weather, it being a bank holiday was due to be completely erratic and lugging round a bag with a complete change of clothes did feel slightly over prepared. After finding the race location which was a business park on the outskirts of maidenhead, we joined the snaky queue to pick up our race numbers, once sorted it was to join another long snaky queue for the mandatory toilet stop. Once ready and warmed up nicely(leg muscles anyway) we were notified of a fifteen minute delay for the start which initiated another queue for the toilet, more jogging up and down or mainly just pre-race chatting. ...
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Cirencester Cross Country Report, by Jane Garton

Cirencester XC, 7 February 2016   I’m new to cross country, and throughout the four miles of hellish quagmire that was Horspath in January I swore ‘never again’ and really meant it. I swore a lot in fact. But the mind is a funny thing… and so it was that just a day or two later I found myself ordering a pair of spikes – and a few weeks later, after a Saturday of non-stop rain, I’m setting off into the hellish quagmire that is XC round 4 in Cirencester.  ...
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Oxfordshire Cross Country League: Race 2 Culham

There was a really good turnout from the club at Culham on Sunday, with the Men equalling their highest number of runners at a XC race (22); a mixture of occasionals, regulars, stalwarts, newcomers, Grandees and returnees meant for a convivial atmosphere, friendly camaraderie, a club record quantity of cake, and some good performances on a surprisingly not too inclement day. The 40mph gusts of ‘Storm Desmond’ on Saturday had largely subsided by late morning on race day, to leave us with a strong but manageable headwind along the Thames, and helpful tailwinds at times. The perplexing lack of rain, coupled with a bulldozed transformation of the Culham course into a motocross park, meant that the going was actually firm to solidly good, with only a few minor muddy patches. Follow the link below for the official results … and thanks once again to Barry Cornelius for the photos, which can be found here: The Women’s team were once-again led home by Hannah Hale, and they finished 6th in Division 2 on the day. Tess Evans had a storming run, no doubt her many Wytham Hills forays paying dividends, and the team now sits in 7th place (out of 8) overall for the season, albeit just a single point behind Highworth. Radley and Hook Norton A teams (Div. 3) are putting in strong performances, so it is to be hoped that some of the absent quicker ladies will bolster the team running at Horspath on January 10th. The Men’s squad saw strong runs from the Captain, Mark Baker and Henry Hart, well supported by Dafydd Warburton back in the side with a very useful 59th place, and Graham back amongst the top 100, coming back into form after some injury hindrances. More encouraging than anything was to see such strength in depth from runners 6 to 14, and beyond, crafting one of the three best B team performances in club history. So, hurrah to them and well done especially to Tom Baker and Simon Walker for making their way into the A team. Although the Men’s A team finished last in Division 1 on the day, it was a much better result than at Harcourt Hill (race 2 last season), and we now sit 7th overall for the season. A quick analysis of the stats show that we are slightly better off than at this stage last season points-wise, and some of the Division 2 competition has dropped off a little. No room for complacency though, and it will require a concerted effort to finish the season well and advance up the table, as per the last two seasons. The B team are well-placed to climb up the Division 3 table too, so let’s find ways to encourage one another to do just that. Final 3 races So, sear the date January 10th into your memory and ink your diaries, for the County XC Championships, almost on our doorstep at Horspath (Shotover Hill, Oxford). Let’s have another strong turnout and keep the ERR momentum gathering apace. Race 4 is as usual at Cirencester Park on February 7th and the finale is the regular venue at Harwell on March 6th. Benedict Pollard (Men’s XC Capt.) December 8th 2015   A call for help: whilst taking the tent down is now a smoothly-understood operation … a volunteer (or two) are requested on January 10th, to head out earlier (depart Eynsham around 08:45am) to Horspath to put up the club tent in time for the junior races. Thank you very much to John and Alexander Bishop for their help when they arrived at Culham. At least our tent didn’t blow down like Headington’s!  
Under 9 Girls & Boys (39 finishers)
Position Name Time Notable
38 Florence Wetherald
39 Jessica Summers
U11 Boys (51 finishers)
24 Alexander Bishop
Women (c. 3.7 miles) (157 finishers)
11 Hannah Hale 26:05
55 Tess Evans 29.40
73 Jacky Pinnock 31:09 3rd V55
87 Kate Williamson 32:06
95 Tara Lawfull 32:32
100 Jane Garton 32:52 Debut
105 Cecilia Dahlsio 33:30
121 Kate Welsby 35:28
Men (c. 5 miles) (275 finishers)
16 Benedict Pollard 30:51
27 Mark Baker 31:25
38 Henry Hart 31:58
59 Dafydd Warburton 33:01
96 Graham Bridges 35:03
134 Tom Baker 36:15
137 Simon Walker 36:34
140 Lee Hillsdon 36:39
147 Mark Schofield 36:51
160 Mark Creasey 37:20
174 Ewan MacDonald 37:56
179 Arthur McEwan-James 38:08
192 Nick Hardwick 38:47
199 Tristan Hale 38:59
221 Shayne Humphrey 40:48
229 Colin Hancox 41:10
237 Alastair Graham 41:57
241 Tony Whitlock 42:45
247 Steve Butler 43:10
248 Derek Breaker 43:13
263 Keith Baker 46:59
DNF Howard Humphris Debut *
* Howard sensibly pulled-out mid-way to prevent injury, but we’ll surely see him again soon at XC.  ...
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County Road Relays Report

SimonThe build-up to the County Road Relays followed a familiar pattern, in the shape of an email on Sunday morning from Jacky to say that Edan had injured his leg, and did anyone know of any possible replacements? Texts and emails were sent, calls were made, but the answer was ultimately no. Instead, Simon Walker stepped up to be this year’s good egg by offering to run twice. ...
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Harcourt Hill Park Run – Short League

Parkrun_32A race report in exchange for a bottle of wine, sounds like a good deal to me. And I’m pleased that this was for a particularly special type of race for me: a parkrun. So please indulge me as I’d like to reflect back on a little of my park running history. I started running again in Glasgow after several over-ambitious attempts and subsequent injuries over the years. Seeing a free weekly 5k advertised in a local magazine, I turned up for my first parkrun on 30th July 2011 feeling lost amongst hundreds of other runners....
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3Peaks – Soundbites from the ‘pro’s:

3 peaksI apologise for lack of response on tour, you know how it goes, wet stinky stuff all over the bus, trying to pull yourself into dry clothes on the move.........(Tara) Expedition 3Peaks 2015 was completed in poor weather conditions, some places were extremely hostile and later became extremely confusing in mist and low cloud! Ben Nevis had buckets of the white stuff, Scafell Pike had already become a miserable, cold bleak bad dream and Snowdon offered the occasional break in cloud, which led to gales towards the summit....
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