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Hooky 6 Report by Alison Craggs

All I can remember about this race was the booze.

Ian’s plan had me down for 15 miles that day, but I had entered the Hooky 6, so went for a long warm up and stumbled across the Hook Norton Brewery, before finding my way back to the start line.  It was a two lap course and 6 miles later we ended up back where we started.

The race, which is in the Club Champs and is the reason why I had entered, sells out quickly and unfortunately quite a few people were not able to get a place.  There was a bar at the finish and although Adrian and other Eynsham Road Runners had missed out on getting a place they did not miss out on getting a pint ready for the presentations.

Kate finished second lady overall and won a box of 3 Hook Norton beers and a beer glass.   She didn’t like beer so promptly gave the beer away to Jackie and Adrian, but kept the beer glass – because having won the race last year she now has a matching set.  Top tip, if you like beer make sure you are near Kate at the presentations.

Jackie was then declared second in her age category and won more beer. 

Jackie and Adrian had kindly given me a lift and on the way home talk was about the Hooky Christmas Canter, which again sells out.  Adrian was telling us that he enjoys that race because as you run round you pop into the church and get mulled wine and mince pies.  Jackie didn’t know of this, as she’d always sprinted past the church to win the race!

I did not win any beer that day, but did complete the 15 miles and won the wine 3 weeks later.

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