Alchester 5k Report, by Tony Whitlock

Alchester 5k, August 15

Was this going to be the start of my comeback? That was my thought a day or 2 before the race. It was going to be nice, short and flat. What could go wrong?

They say preparation is everything. Recently we have been joining the old codgers for a midweek cycle ride and this week they were going to go on the Wednesday of the Alchester 5k. No worries I thought, this would probably be an ideal warm-up. After cycling 50 miles with them I realised this was my 1st mistake. My second mistake was to play my joker. Initially I thought that this was my best distance and as it was midweek there wouldn’t be so many there so I told a couple of ERR’s that I was playing my joker. Then someone told me it was a Grand Prix event. Blimey, haven’t we got a lot of fast runners these days!
Following my preparation for the race and wasting my joker I had a rubbish run but I did win the wine!