Monthly Archive: June 2018

10 Peaks Report by Nick Sheard

10 Peaks - 23 June 2018

Midges may be small but they hunt in packs. And they were hunting me, releasing pheromones to attract other midges, my carbon dioxide a magnet for them. Swarming, pregnant females biting, hungry for protein. I was hungry for flapjack at Checkpoint 1 of the 10 Peaks race in the Lake District. ...
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White Horse Half Marathon Report, by Simon Walker

White Horse Half Marathon - April 8th

On the brink of my 13th birthday, in 1986, I retired from half marathons. A hat-trick completed towards the end of the first ‘jogging’ craze and before youth running rules were invented.  Fast forward to 2011 and I did my first half marathon as a runner and a proud Eynsham Road Runner at that. It was the White Horse Half. ...
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Buckingham Half Marathon Report, by Toby Goss

Buckingham half marathon – Sunday 8th April 2018

This was only my second half marathon since I started running in earnest around a year ago, and since joining the club at the beginning of the year. Very kindly, Becky Evins was giving me a lift! It was already warm relatively early in the morning, and I was preparing myself to sweat a lot and take full advantage of the drinks stations. ...
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