Abingdon Marathon Results

Well done to everyone who took part, regardless of their result. It’s a tough event, in case you needed reminding.

It looks as if the ERR men, in the form of Kerry, Mark, Ewan and Ben, took the County Championship team prize, although this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Position Name Time Also
89 Kerry Papps 2:57:20 PB
101 Mark Baker 2:58:02
152 Ewan Macdonald 3:03:10 PB
165 Benedict Pollard 3:04:23
176 Tom Baker 3:05:29 PB
177 Tom Weller 3:05:41 PB
318 Robert Storey 3:23:42
539 Rebecca Evins 3:51:14 PB
587 Alison Craggs 3:59:16 PB
657 Colin Hancox 4:17:53
Sean Duvall DNF
Stan Johnston DNF